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Students Speak: Haley Rivera Career College 

Students Speak: Haley Rivera

Haley Rivera Indiana INTERNnet Impact Award Nominee College Student Future Nurse Hometown: Hobart, Indiana   Experience: Career experience: Hobart High School has a work-based learning program. “When you apply to the program, you write down what you are interested in and where you want to go. I was matched with Brickyard Pediatrics. We have block scheduling, so during the third hour, I would go to Dr. [Marc] Connery’s office for 90 minutes. Sometimes I would go over after school, too, or on school breaks.” What it was like: “I would…

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Student’s Speak: Davieon White College 

Student’s Speak: Davieon White

Davieon White Manufacturing Whiz High School Senior Boxer Hometown: Anderson, Indiana   Cool experience: Working as an intern for XADS, a small alternative defense systems company in Madison County, White was recognized with an award from Indiana INTERNnet for his successful internship. “I helped build and program an eight-foot drone for the military to carry supplies. It hovers and goes straight up, like a helicopter, and can carry an adult person. We also built a wind turbine.”   Career plans: A professional boxing career would be White’s first choice, but…

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