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Tips and Tricks for Campus Transportation Blog College 

Tips and Tricks for Campus Transportation

– Jacob Elmore,  intern at the Indianapolis Business Journal Getting around on campus is different for everyone. If you’re looking for a fun way to get around quickly, think about using a bicycle. I’ve ridden a bike almost every day while on campus since it’s incredibly efficient. Some of the perks of riding include: getting places quicker, being able to ride on the road and sidewalk, most bikes have brakes which are important for being on campus with high traffic, cheaper repairs and maintenance than a car plus no gas or…

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Buying Books And Saving Money Blog College Cost 

Buying Books And Saving Money

– Jacob Elmore,  intern at the Indianapolis Business Journal Throughout my time in college, I’ve heard all kinds of ridiculous amounts of money that people have spent on books. Usually the range is anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Although I have a major that isn’t textbook heavy, I still had to buy books that aren’t cheap for my early years . I’ve learned that buying books online, renting books, or buying from students is often the best route to go to save money. Three websites that…

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What Will You Be? 3 Secrets to Success Career 

What Will You Be? 3 Secrets to Success

Ever since you were a little kid, people have probably asked you this question: What do you want to be when you grow up? Whatever you want to be right now –doctor, builder, teacher or entrepreneur – you need to be something else, too: prepared for success. BE Educated Everyone should pursue and complete a post-secondary credential or degree beyond high school to compete in our knowledge-based economy. You don’t know how to do everything. Just be prepared to keep learning. BE Someone to Hire Critical thinking skills and personal…

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Top Tips to Transition to College College 

Top Tips to Transition to College

Whether you’re going to a university across the country or taking community college classes across town, almost all students say making the transition from high school to college can be tough. “In high school, you have had every minute of your day structured, but when you get to college, you really have large blocks of unstructured time that you have to learn to manage,” says Tracy A. Funk, assistant vice chancellor for enrollment management at Ivy Tech Community College-Central Indiana. Not only that, but college professors often don’t take attendance,…

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Student’s Speak: Nathan Muntz College 

Student’s Speak: Nathan Muntz

Nathan Muntz Purdue University Student Pre-Med World Traveler Hometown: Indianapolis   My college choice: As a 21st Century Scholar, Muntz was matched with a mentor through Starfish Initiative, an Indianapolis-based non-profit, and went on college tours and visits. “Every campus I visited, I thought I wanted to go there, basically because college seemed so exciting. Once I saw Purdue, I knew that’s where I wanted to be. The biggest draw was that it is a research institution and they push for undergraduates to be involved as early as possible. On…

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3 Steps to Finding the Right College College 

3 Steps to Finding the Right College

Going to college is the next logical step after high school, but your education plan should fit your goals and budget. Follow these steps to discover your best fit. 1. Start with what you really need. Think about your career goals. Some certificate programs can get you into a job in less than a year. On the other hand, you might be hoping to become a lawyer, doctor, scientist or physical therapist. What you hope to be should help you decide where to go. Create your plan for high school,…

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Student’s Speak: Emma Grimes College 

Student’s Speak: Emma Grimes

Emma Grimes Debate Pro College Freshman Future Immigration Lawyer Hometown: Fort Wayne, Southside High School College choice: “Hanover College is a small school. I thought that I didn’t want to go to a small school, but my mom said come on, you have to go and try it and visit. We visited, and you know how people talk about how you have that moment when you walk onto a campus and you know that’s where you want to go? I thought I wasn’t going to have that moment there, but…

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Student’s Speak: Davieon White College 

Student’s Speak: Davieon White

Davieon White Manufacturing Whiz High School Senior Boxer Hometown: Anderson, Indiana   Cool experience: Working as an intern for XADS, a small alternative defense systems company in Madison County, White was recognized with an award from Indiana INTERNnet for his successful internship. “I helped build and program an eight-foot drone for the military to carry supplies. It hovers and goes straight up, like a helicopter, and can carry an adult person. We also built a wind turbine.”   Career plans: A professional boxing career would be White’s first choice, but…

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Opportunity Everywhere, For Everyone College 

Opportunity Everywhere, For Everyone

College doesn’t have to cost a fortune, or take forever. College can be a great experience and prepare you for your future. What’s your style? Check out these options: Community college: At Ivy Tech Community College campuses throughout the state or Vincennes University in Vincennes and Indianapolis, you can earn a degree quicker and cheaper than anywhere in the state, in careers that are in demand now. Apprenticeship: For students who like making things and can handle the math, apprenticeships present the opportunity to earn a paycheck and learn job-ready…

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Get Your Hands on Indiana Financial Aid Blog 

Get Your Hands on Indiana Financial Aid

Indiana has financial aid for all kinds of students! To qualify, you must complete and submit the FAFSA by March 10 of your senior year (and each following year you plan to enroll in college). If you signed up for the 21st Century Scholars program in middle school, stay on track. Visit to see what you need to access your scholarship. You can also call the Student Support Center at 1-888-528-4719. Check out the options below, and visit to see all available state financial aid and check full…

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Your Fabulous Life Cost 

Your Fabulous Life

How much money do you need to live the lifestyle you want? That depends on what you’ll earn, and what you’ll spend. See how far your future occupation and income will take you with IN Reality, an online tool at Produced by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development and the Indiana Business Research Center at the IU Kelley School of Business, IN Reality offers a reality check without a lecture on your spending habits. Choose an income level and occupation and make choices about whether to drive a used…

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Fifteen to Finish College 

Fifteen to Finish

Research shows that college students who take at least 15 credit hours per semester are more likely to complete college on time and earn better grades than those who do not. In Indiana, students who are on track to graduate on time also are eligible for more financial aid. The cost of not finishing on time? One additional year of college will cost you, on average, $50,000 in tuition, lost wages and other costs. Committing to 15 to Finish will save you time and money, and makes it more likely…

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Advice you’ll actually want from a recent college graduate Blog College 

Advice you’ll actually want from a recent college graduate

– Megan Carrell,  intern at the Indianapolis Business Journal In high school, you get bombarded with so much advice and information that it’s easy to ignore. But I promise, some of it is seriously useful. Here’s a list of what I wish I’d ACTUALLY listened to before college.   Be a nerd. Taking AP and ACP classes in high school might seem insane. But as hard as it is at the time, getting college credit is very nice later on. It’s easier and cheaper than a semester in college, and I’ve…

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