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The Scoop on Scholarships Cost 

The Scoop on Scholarships

Filing the FAFSA isn’t the only step you should take in finding financial aid. You can start even earlier, working to find scholarships. Your first stop should be your school or college counseling office. Counselors often have an established—and winning—method to help you in your scholarship search. Other ideas: Search. Investigate community resources such as civic groups, community foundations and faith-based organizations. Many extra-curricular organizations, such as your local 4-H clubs or scouting groups, offer scholarships, too. Your parents’ —or even your own—employer might have programs, too. You can also…

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it’s FAST and it’s FREE: All About FAFSA Cost 

it’s FAST and it’s FREE: All About FAFSA

File your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) between October 1 and March 10 each year to qualify for state and federal financial aid for the next academic year. Go to to complete it online, fast (average time: 22 minutes) and free. The website includes a worksheet to help you organize your financial information to make the process go even smoother. Make sure you have everything you need to complete the FAFSA and college financial aid information, including: FSA ID ( Your Social Security Number Driver’s license number…

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Multiple households doesn’t mean multiple financial headaches Blog Cost 

Multiple households doesn’t mean multiple financial headaches

– Paige Clark,  intern at the Indianapolis Business Journal Figuring out financial aid can be confusing. Figuring out financial aid with two divorced people can be more confusing than imaginary numbers in trigonometry. Although almost everyone does, or should, apply for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, it’s still very confusing and no one seems to have all the answers, especially when dealing with two incomes, homes, tax returns, etc. Which was really surprising – I’ve seen the marriage statistics for this country. And after phone calls and meetings, I…

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