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Student’s Speak: Davieon White College 

Student’s Speak: Davieon White

Davieon White Manufacturing Whiz High School Senior Boxer Hometown: Anderson, Indiana   Cool experience: Working as an intern for XADS, a small alternative defense systems company in Madison County, White was recognized with an award from Indiana INTERNnet for his successful internship. “I helped build and program an eight-foot drone for the military to carry supplies. It hovers and goes straight up, like a helicopter, and can carry an adult person. We also built a wind turbine.”   Career plans: A professional boxing career would be White’s first choice, but…

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Credential or Degree? What do you need? College 

Credential or Degree? What do you need?

In most cases, with each level of education, the better your chances for job security and higher income. Find out how financial aid can help you reach your next level on page 32. One-year certificate Complete requirements in a year or less at a community college or other training center and earn a workforce certificate in a wide range of jobs such as computer technology, security, commercial truck driving, accounting, certified nursing assistant or many other areas. Apprenticeship Train for three to five years in one of more than 1,000…

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