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Throwing Work into The Mix College Cost 

Throwing Work into The Mix

Studies say that about half of full-time college students have jobs outside of school. If you are among the half that needs to work, don’t ignore the importance of work-life balance. Going to work, attending class and studying should be your top priorities and might seem like all you have time for, but everyone needs personal time to recharge and stay healthy—mentally and physically.

School administrators recommend the following:

  1. Schedule classes first, then find work that fits your schedule.
  2. If possible, don’t work more than 10-15 hours a week.
  3. Don’t get overwhelmed by large tasks or assignments. Break them into manageable pieces and focus on one piece at a time.
  4. Learn to say “no.” When you’re asked to work longer hours or go to a party, don’t say “yes” until you know how it will affect your schedule.    
  5. Find time for you. Take a walk, hit the gym or catch a quick nap. And make time for at least one fun activity with friends every week.
  6. Don’t sabotage all your hard work by eating poorly or skipping sleep.
  7. Ask for help from a friend or counselor if you feel like you can’t manage it all.
  8. If your grades are suffering, consider reducing your work hours. You won’t come out ahead financially if your job causes you to retake classes or not graduate on time.    

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