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Student’s Speak: Carrie Wilson Cost 

Student’s Speak: Carrie Wilson

Carrie Wilson

  • Ball State Grad
  • Project Coordinator
  • Dog Lover
  • Hometown: Greenfield


First Job: Wilson works with healthcare clients as a project coordinator for Recourse Resource Consulting in Fishers, Indiana, and as a community ambassador for Leap for Women, an online community for entrepreneurs.

How she got there: Wilson graduated from Ball State in 2015. “I was a psychology major and thought I wanted to do counseling, but realized that it was not the career for me. A psychology degree definitely helps me interact and best understand clients.”

Turning point in high school: Her high school finance class used material from financial author and advisor Dave Ramsey to learn to manage money. “It was awesome. Together with my mom, we set up different savings accounts, as well as a 529 college savings account. I worked three summers in a row where I put 90 percent of every paycheck into savings.”

Financial challenges: Wilson needed money for college. During senior year, she applied for 52 scholarships and received seven. “Individually, they weren’t huge amounts, but together they covered my first semester, most of my second and part of my third semester.” Her thrifty habits helped, too. “I was very conscious of how much I spent. Ball State showed free movies on campus on Friday nights and my friends and I would go to the movie and then out for frozen yogurt. At the end of the night, I’d spent maybe $6.” Wilson is very dog savvy, so with her experience she started pet sitting part time and took a job at a doggy daycare to help cover expenses.

College was: “A learning experience beyond academics.” With a full load of classes each semester she was still able to study abroad, take part in clubs, and partake in campus opportunities and still graduate a semester early.
Advice: “I still made memories and had fun, but you have to make sacrifices. That’s part of being an adult. Even now, I don’t throw money away. I try to save up a little extra so I can travel or buy something I really want.”

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