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Fees Can Add Up. How Colleges Help. Cost 

Fees Can Add Up. How Colleges Help.

Many Indiana colleges offer application fee waivers to encourage students to apply regardless of financial difficulty or other circumstances.

If you can’t find information about fee waivers on a college’s admissions web page, call and ask. Most colleges offer more fee waivers than students realize. Some special circumstances that can allow you to save money on fees include:

21st Century Scholars. If you’re a 21st Century Scholar, you may receive automatic fee waivers at some Indiana colleges.

Campus Visits. Some colleges award an automatic fee waiver to students who have participated in a campus visit day. If you’re planning on visiting, ask about fee waivers.

Children of Veterans or Veterans. You may be applying to a college that waives application fees for children of veterans or may offer you a free application if you are a veteran.

Financial Need. If you show financial need, most colleges are able to provide financial assistance. If you aren’t sure if you can afford the fee, ask the college if it can be waived.

NACAC/Guidance Counselor Waiver. The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) offers a fee waiver for students whose families have an income below federal poverty level, who participate in the 21st Century Scholars program, who live in federally subsidized public housing, whose families receive public assistance or who meet other criteria. In order to receive the NACAC fee waiver, you must submit an application through your school counselor.

Foster Children. Foster children, orphans and wards of the state can receive a fee waiver through the NACAC, which must be approved by your school counselor. If you are a foster child or orphan, your college may automatically waive your application fee.

Free and Reduced Lunch. If you qualify for free or reduced lunch, you may also automatically qualify for a fee waiver. Students who qualify for free or reduced lunch can also take the SAT and ACT for free. Ask your school counselor for more information.

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