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Tips to Finding the Right College College 

Tips to Finding the Right College

Going to college is the next logical step after high school, but make sure your choice fits you, your career plan, and your budget.

Three ways to start:

  1. Think ahead. Your career goals should shape your college choice. Some certificate programs can get you into a job in less than a year. On the other hand, you might want to be a lawyer, doctor, scientist or physical therapist, which will require many more years of education, and you’ll want to factor those plans into your decision. Create your path for high school, college, and career using the Indiana Career Explorer tool at com, and make a list of possible ways—and colleges—that will help you get there.
  2. Unsure about whether you should attend a large university, or a small college, far away or close to home? Talk to your school counselor, family, teachers and others to help you find the best place to start. Visit college websites to find academic programs that are offered that match your interests.
  3. Take a closer look. After you’ve heard what others say, see for yourself whether you like the campus environment, degree programs, and people. Use Next Indiana’s campus visit checklist (live link to the Campus Visit Checklist PDF), for advice on making the most of your visit.

Click to download a map of all public and private colleges in Indiana.

How Do You Define College?
When someone says “college” the picture that probably comes to mind is a university campus you’ve seen. Expand your definition to include any educational experience beyond high school that results in a valuable credential or degree. College could mean a technical, two-year, four-year, or online educational experience that helps you in your career.


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