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Student’s Speak: Nathan Muntz College 

Student’s Speak: Nathan Muntz

Nathan Muntz

  • Purdue University Student
  • Pre-Med
  • World Traveler
  • Hometown: Indianapolis


My college choice: As a 21st Century Scholar, Muntz was matched with a mentor through Starfish Initiative, an Indianapolis-based non-profit, and went on college tours and visits. “Every campus I visited, I thought I wanted to go there, basically because college seemed so exciting. Once I saw Purdue, I knew that’s where I wanted to be. The biggest draw was that it is a research institution and they push for undergraduates to be involved as early as possible. On my visit, I saw a board with the names of undergraduates who have had their work published in a scholarly journal and I said, ‘I want my name to be up there.’”

Financial factor: Muntz earned his Purdue tuition by maintaining eligibility as a 21st Century Scholar. He also qualified for the Purdue Promise program, which helps eligible 21st Century Scholars with additional financial aid and support services. “Cost is important. You don’t want to put too big a burden on yourself.”

Freshman year memory: “To be honest, I did not like it during the first semester. Once I started branching out and making friends, it totally flipped. I got involved in campus activities and really starting enjoying it.”

Travel abroad destinations (so far): Portugal, Ecuador, Spain, Morocco and New Zealand.
Advice to future freshmen: “Be willing to make adjustments and seek help. College is a lot harder than high school. The first round of tests during freshman year of college is rough. I got my first D ever. You have to learn from your mistakes and realize you need to change your study habits for future tests. Eventually you will find your rhythm, but it can be hard at first. That’s why colleges offer resources, like learning centers and study tables, to help you figure it out.”

The final word: “College is a great experience. I’m having the time of my life.”

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