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Student’s Speak: Davieon White College 

Student’s Speak: Davieon White

Davieon White

  • Manufacturing Whiz
  • High School Senior
  • Boxer
  • Hometown: Anderson, Indiana


Cool experience: Working as an intern for XADS, a small alternative defense systems company in Madison County, White was recognized with an award from Indiana INTERNnet for his successful internship. “I helped build and program an eight-foot drone for the military to carry supplies. It hovers and goes straight up, like a helicopter, and can carry an adult person. We also built a wind turbine.”

Career plans: A professional boxing career would be White’s first choice, but he’s not limiting his dreams. “I’m in an advanced manufacturing class at the Anderson Career Center and plan to become a mechanical or industrial engineer. I like working with my hands. My grandfather would buy me 400-piece car model sets, Lego sets, all kind of things to build.”

College choice: Free tuition and college credits at the career center make the decision easy. “I’m already taking Ivy Tech classes at the Career Center. I’ll do my first two years at Ivy Tech and apply at a university for my last two years to earn my bachelor’s degree.”
Advice: “Stay focused in school and try to prepare for life.”

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