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Step Up to the Degree You Need College 

Step Up to the Degree You Need

Climbing the ladder of success isn’t easy, but education can help. Each level of education you earn can bring a higher income, better career options, and more job satisfaction.

Taking it step-by-step is a cost-effective way to pursue higher education. Some colleges encourage “stackable degrees” that enable you to earn a certificate, then have those credits count toward the next levels of study: associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate.

Many careers in the fields of medicine and science require doctorate (Ph.D.) degrees, as well as other fields that include research and teaching at the college level.

Master’s or professional
At least two years of additional study are required after a bachelor’s degree. Law, school counseling, and some management and engineering careers require these types of degrees.

A bachelor’s degree generally requires four years of full-time study at a public or private (independent) college or university. A bachelor of science (B.S.) degree prepares you for careers in business, engineering, social sciences, and the sciences, while a bachelor of arts (B.A.) degree encompasses liberal arts fields, such as English, history, and political science.

Earn an associate degree in just two years if you attend school full-time. This degree will qualify you for high-demand jobs in the fields of business, biotechnology, construction management, dental hygiene, education, engineering, and nursing.

More than 1,000 occupations require apprenticeship training. Train for three to five years while earning a salary and, in some cases, an associate degree from a community college. Careers include carpentry, electrical, elevator installation and repair, HVAC, pipefitting, and plumbing.

One-year certificate
Earn a workforce certificate in one year or less at a community college or other training center. Areas of training include accounting, computer technology, certified nursing assistant, commercial truck driving, and more.

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