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Opportunity Everywhere, For Everyone College 

Opportunity Everywhere, For Everyone

College doesn’t have to cost a fortune, or take forever. College can be a great experience and prepare you for your future. What’s your style? Check out these options:

Community college: At Ivy Tech Community College campuses throughout the state or Vincennes University in Vincennes and Indianapolis, you can earn a degree quicker and cheaper than anywhere in the state, in careers that are in demand now.

Apprenticeship: For students who like making things and can handle the math, apprenticeships present the opportunity to earn a paycheck and learn job-ready skills. Programs can be competitive, so be ready to work.

Military: The Indiana National Guard, Army, Navy, Marines and ROTC all offer great opportunities for combining education, adventure and discipline. You can earn money for college tuition while earning a paycheck.

University Life: Fine tune your study skills if a four-year college or university is a good next step for you. You can earn a bachelor’s degree to enter many fields or as the basis for a graduate or professional degree.

Big School: Best for students who like learning in a large group setting, with lots of diversity and choices. You’ll have to create your own support network by reaching out to your professor (even if the lecture hall class has 200 students), joining student groups and making new friends.

Small Campus: Small classes, tight communities, and opportunities to be a “big fish in a small pond,” make a small college setting special.

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