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Fifteen to Finish College 

Fifteen to Finish

Research shows that college students who take at least 15 credit hours per semester are more likely to complete college on time and earn better grades than those who do not.
In Indiana, students who are on track to graduate on time also are eligible for more financial aid.
The cost of not finishing on time? One additional year of college will cost you, on average, $50,000 in tuition, lost wages and other costs. Committing to 15 to Finish will save you time and money, and makes it more likely you will graduate. Learn more at

  • Only three out of ten students finished a 4-year degree on time.
  • Full-tine students at Indiana college are nearly twice as likely to earn a two-year degree and 6 times more likely to graduate with a four-year degree than part-time students.

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