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College, Your Way

Indiana has more than 100 choices of colleges and universities, ranging from two Big 10 schools—Indiana University and Purdue University—to more than a dozen independent institutions, and several choices that fall in between in terms of size. You can go big, go small, or stay close to home. It can cost a little—or a lot.

What’s your style? Check out these options:

Community college:
At Ivy Tech Community College campuses throughout the state or Vincennes University in Vincennes and Indianapolis, you can earn a certificate or two-year associate degree quicker and cheaper than anywhere in the state, in careers that are in demand now.

University life:
If you have already developed the study skills needed to succeed, a four-year university is a good next step. It’s a great choice for students who like learning in a large group setting, with lots of diversity and choices. You’ll have to create your own support network by reaching out to your professor, joining student groups, and making new friends.

Small, liberal arts campus:
Small classes, tight communities, and opportunities to be a “big fish in a small pond,” are just a few qualities that make a small college setting special.

Good Advice
What Does Community College Offer?

“Professors are hired at a community college because of their teaching skills, rather than their skill as a researcher. Professors at a community college will have office hours every day of the week for helping students outside of class. Many also volunteer in our tutoring centers.

“Many programs will have direct admission transfer agreements with four-year universities, making transfer seamless. Indiana has made course transfer a priority with the Core Transfer Library, which has over 70 statewide course-to-course transfer agreements, and the Transfer Single Articulation Pathway, which allows students guaranteed transfer from VU or Ivy Tech to any state university.”

— Curt Coffman, Interim Dean, College of Science, Engineering, & Mathematics, Vincennes University

Start Your Search Here
Indiana offers every kind of college learning environment, from well-known and high-ranked universities to well-loved liberal arts colleges and affordable community colleges.

In other words, there’s something for everyone. Learn more about Indiana colleges at, where you can:

  • Sort by type of college (four-year, two-year, other)

  • Search by location

  • Find details about each college, including tuition, degrees offered, enrollment

  • Search by school name

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