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What is the oldest college or university in Indiana? Vincennes University (founded in 1801 as Jefferson Academy.) How many Indiana schools belong to the Association of American Universities, a prestigious group of 64 public and private research universities that was founded in 1900? Two. Indiana University-Bloomington (joined 1909) and Purdue University (joined 1958.) What is the oldest private college in Indiana? Hanover College (founded in 1827.) Which university has the state’s largest planetarium? Ball State (The Charles W. Brown Planetarium.) Which university’s library was designed by the same architect that designed the original World Trade Center in New York City? Butler University. (Its Irwin Library was designed by Minoru Yamasaki.) Which Indiana school has the biggest alumni network? Indiana University, with more than 650,000 living alumni, ranks second nationally. Purdue, with almost 480,000, isn’t far behind on the national list at No. 10. Which Indiana school’s occupational and physical therapy programs are highly regarded nationally? The PT and OT programs at University of Indianapolis are both ranked in the Top 50 nationally, and as high as No. 8 in some rankings. Which Indiana school is known as the “cradle of astronauts?” Purdue (Only the three US military academies have sent more people into space.) Which Indiana school offered the nation’s first dedicated master’s degree in pharmacogenomics? Manchester University’s Fort Wayne campus offered the program, which studies how a person’s genetic makeup influences their response to drugs. Which Indiana college has a highly ranked study abroad program? Goshen College (More than 80% of its students spend at least one semester studying abroad.)

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“Challenge yourself; take the hardest classes in high school because it makes college 1,000 times easier.” Andre Hicks, Sophomore at University of Southern Indiana

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