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Bucket List 101 College Advice 

Bucket List 101

Don’t take this the wrong way (meaning “DON’T SKIP CLASS”), but college isn’t all about tests and grades. You’ll learn plenty and make a lot of memories outside the classroom, too. Here’s a sample bucket list. Borrow from it—or not—but make your own list and then soak up as much of the college experience as you can.

Study abroad. You can earn credit while experiencing a new culture. Time abroad can be life changing. Your academic advisor can get you started.

Join a club—or start one. Schools have clubs for almost every interest, but if what you love is missing? Well, someone has to take the lead.

Go to some games. If you’re a sports fan this is a no-brainer. If not, give it a try. You might become one—or at least enjoy the company of your sports-loving friends.

Volunteer or work part-time in a field that interests you. You’ll meet people—and pick up some relevant experience.

Go to campus lectures. Schools often bring-in big name speakers—and students can attend for free.

Go to concerts and shows. College campuses and their surrounding towns usually attract quality acts.

Join a fraternity or sorority. You’ll form lifelong bonds. (Or work as server or dishwasher at a sorority. It can be a great way to broaden your circle—and get free meals.)

Try something completely new. Go to a poetry reading. Listen to an opera. Make a pie from scratch. You might find something you love—or hate. Either way, you’ll add a new experience to your list.

Become a campus tour guide. You can practice your public-speaking skills in front of a small group—and amaze (or infuriate) your friends with your knowledge of campus trivia.

Keep a journal. It doesn’t have to be daily. Just record the big events. Years later you’ll read about things and people you had completely forgotten.

“The first year of college will open your eyes to a new perspective on education and life.”

Hannah Junod,
second-grade teacher

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