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First Year Stumbling Blocks College 

First Year Stumbling Blocks

Andy Carr, Intern for IBJ In high school, every day is a set schedule; school is a routine block of time in the middle of the day, and it’s pretty much continuous from beginning to end. Wake up, go to school, participate in whatever extracurricular activity you may be a part of, and go home in the evening to do your homework. Your time is pretty regimented, and it’s easier to know when you will and won’t have time to get things done. In college, you may not start class…

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Stack ‘em Up College 

Stack ‘em Up

College means more than you might think. It’s any educational experience after high school that offers a quality credential or degree. That includes technical, one-year, two-year, four-year opportunities and military educational experiences. And a four-year degree brings the opportunity to move ahead to a master’s or professional degree and doctorate. Which will enable you to reach your career goal? Learn more about pursuing financial aid for college study on page 36-41. Stackable degrees are a cost-effective way to pursue higher education. Some colleges offer this option, which enables you to…

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What Do I Need to Bring to College? College 

What Do I Need to Bring to College?

We asked the experts—and their answers may surprise you (hint: they have nothing to do with furnishing your dorm room).   “Adaptability. I think adaptability is important because college is full of so many new people and experiences. The easier you can adapt, the quicker you can get used to all the changes in college.” – Allie Megl, Purdue University   “To me, time management is the most important personality trait for incoming freshmen because you are required to take on a lot more work as well as responsibility. Without…

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Students Speak: Tre Robinson College 

Students Speak: Tre Robinson

Tre Robinson Development Automation Engineer, Salesforce/Ivy Tech ASAP Program Grad Age: 23 Hometown: Indianapolis High School: Arsenal Technical High School   College choice: Tre earned his associate degree in computer and networking technology in the Ivy Tech ASAP program, which offers the opportunity to earn an associate degree in just 11 months. The ASAP program was the best choice for him “due to life and family situations. I had a part-time job and was looking to get working right out of school to help out. One of my guidance counselors…

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Five Steps to College Admission Success College 

Five Steps to College Admission Success

1. Plan Piece by piece, step by step. Write down your goals and then research colleges. Create a list of six colleges you will apply to, based on whether they’re a good “fit” for your goals and your family’s finances. Thinking about your test scores and personal profile, include a few “safety” schools and one “reach” school. 2. Pay attention to deadlines. The best-laid plans won’t come to pass if you don’t meet college application and scholarship deadlines. Review the deadlines for each college on your list, as well as…

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Testing Tips College 

Testing Tips

Register online for the ACT and SAT. You can set up an account at for the ACT, and at for the SAT. Before you register, check with your counselor. You may qualify for fee waivers for both tests that are available for low-income juniors and seniors. Check with your school counselor for more details and help with arranging a fee waiver.   2017-2018 ACT Test Date                    Registration Deadline June 10, 2017              May 5, 2017 September 9, 2017     August 4, 2017 October 28, 2017        September 22, 2017 December 9,…

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Clean it up! College 

Clean it up!

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are important tools that can help you get into college or find a job—but if you’re not careful, they can really hurt you. Admissions offices and companies often review applicants’ social media sites before deciding whether to accept or hire someone. “We recommend students do a full assessment of their ‘digital dirt,’” says Gary Beaulieu, director of Internship and Career Services at Butler University. “Take time to look over your profile, check pics, Google yourself to see if anything that could be considered inappropriate can be…

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As Purdue prepares to open a high school this fall, leaders are already talking about a network Blog College 

As Purdue prepares to open a high school this fall, leaders are already talking about a network

Originally posted on Chalkbeat by Dylan Peers McCoy on March 31, 2017 Purdue University won’t open the doors to its first high school for another five months, but its leaders are already planning for more. Purdue Polytechnic High School will open this fall in Indianapolis with 150 freshmen taking part in a bold experiment: using a new project-based curriculum focused on science and math skills to better serve low-income students and students of color. As part of the Indianapolis Public Schools innovation network, the high school will also have an…

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New rules push high schools to better prepare kids for college College 

New rules push high schools to better prepare kids for college

Originally posted on Chalkbeat by Shaina Cavazos on December 16, 2014 A stubborn and costly problem for first-year students at Indiana colleges stems from a simple but frustrating fact: About 28 percent of them simply aren’t fully prepared to do college work, even if they got good grades in high school. To solve that problem, those kids are shuttled into remedial courses that they pay for but which don’t result in college credit when students pass them. Many of those students fall behind and the risk grows that they will…

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Fast-growing ‘early college’ schools push kids through barriers to college Blog College 

Fast-growing ‘early college’ schools push kids through barriers to college

Originally posted on Chalkbeat by Dylan Peers McCoy on March 28, 2016 Education leaders in Indiana and across the country are promoting early college high schools that let students earn a diploma and an associate’s degree at the same time. The programs give students a leg up on college — and save them thousands of dollars in tuition. But as they proliferate, early colleges are growing from a niche alternative in a handful of tiny schools to a new strategy for preparing high school students for the future. Indiana is…

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Seriously, Ask Questions Blog College 

Seriously, Ask Questions

– Jacob Elmore,  intern at the Indianapolis Business Journal If you ever want to learn or figure something out, always ask. It seems like such an obvious thing but there are so many students that are too afraid to ask a professor questions. Some teachers may be rude or short, some answers may be unhelpful, some students might think you’re slow, or whatever else. If you don’t know and want to know something, how else are you going to learn it? Any job I’ve ever had I’ve always made sure to…

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Campus Housing – the Good and the Bad Blog College Cost 

Campus Housing – the Good and the Bad

– Jacob Elmore,  intern at the Indianapolis Business Journal Living on or around campus can be rewarding or a nightmare depending on how it all works out for you. To begin with housing as a new college student, some places require freshman to live in a dorm on campus. I personally suggest this as a good idea since it can usually lead to meeting new people, making friends, and understanding how college works in general. It can also help keep stress down without having to worry about extra thing such as…

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Tips and Tricks for Campus Transportation Blog College 

Tips and Tricks for Campus Transportation

– Jacob Elmore,  intern at the Indianapolis Business Journal Getting around on campus is different for everyone. If you’re looking for a fun way to get around quickly, think about using a bicycle. I’ve ridden a bike almost every day while on campus since it’s incredibly efficient. Some of the perks of riding include: getting places quicker, being able to ride on the road and sidewalk, most bikes have brakes which are important for being on campus with high traffic, cheaper repairs and maintenance than a car plus no gas or…

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Buying Books And Saving Money Blog College Cost 

Buying Books And Saving Money

– Jacob Elmore,  intern at the Indianapolis Business Journal Throughout my time in college, I’ve heard all kinds of ridiculous amounts of money that people have spent on books. Usually the range is anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Although I have a major that isn’t textbook heavy, I still had to buy books that aren’t cheap for my early years . I’ve learned that buying books online, renting books, or buying from students is often the best route to go to save money. Three websites that…

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Top Tips to Transition to College College 

Top Tips to Transition to College

Whether you’re going to a university across the country or taking community college classes across town, almost all students say making the transition from high school to college can be tough. “In high school, you have had every minute of your day structured, but when you get to college, you really have large blocks of unstructured time that you have to learn to manage,” says Tracy A. Funk, assistant vice chancellor for enrollment management at Ivy Tech Community College-Central Indiana. Not only that, but college professors often don’t take attendance,…

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Student’s Speak: Nathan Muntz College 

Student’s Speak: Nathan Muntz

Nathan Muntz Purdue University Student Pre-Med World Traveler Hometown: Indianapolis   My college choice: As a 21st Century Scholar, Muntz was matched with a mentor through Starfish Initiative, an Indianapolis-based non-profit, and went on college tours and visits. “Every campus I visited, I thought I wanted to go there, basically because college seemed so exciting. Once I saw Purdue, I knew that’s where I wanted to be. The biggest draw was that it is a research institution and they push for undergraduates to be involved as early as possible. On…

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3 Steps to Finding the Right College College 

3 Steps to Finding the Right College

Going to college is the next logical step after high school, but your education plan should fit your goals and budget. Follow these steps to discover your best fit. 1. Start with what you really need. Think about your career goals. Some certificate programs can get you into a job in less than a year. On the other hand, you might be hoping to become a lawyer, doctor, scientist or physical therapist. What you hope to be should help you decide where to go. Create your plan for high school,…

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Students Speak: Haley Rivera Career College 

Students Speak: Haley Rivera

Haley Rivera Indiana INTERNnet Impact Award Nominee College Student Future Nurse Hometown: Hobart, Indiana   Experience: Career experience: Hobart High School has a work-based learning program. “When you apply to the program, you write down what you are interested in and where you want to go. I was matched with Brickyard Pediatrics. We have block scheduling, so during the third hour, I would go to Dr. [Marc] Connery’s office for 90 minutes. Sometimes I would go over after school, too, or on school breaks.” What it was like: “I would…

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Student’s Speak: Emma Grimes College 

Student’s Speak: Emma Grimes

Emma Grimes Debate Pro College Freshman Future Immigration Lawyer Hometown: Fort Wayne, Southside High School College choice: “Hanover College is a small school. I thought that I didn’t want to go to a small school, but my mom said come on, you have to go and try it and visit. We visited, and you know how people talk about how you have that moment when you walk onto a campus and you know that’s where you want to go? I thought I wasn’t going to have that moment there, but…

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