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Feeling Lost? Ready for Adventure? Career 

Feeling Lost? Ready for Adventure?

Four Ways to Find Your Career Path High school graduation is just ahead, and you are quickly coming to a fork in the road. You have to make decisions for yourself, such as where to work, where to go to college, and what to study. With so many choices, how do you know you’re headed in the right direction? Follow these four rules of the road as you make decisions about a  future career. Follow Your Head . . . Indiana has the challenge of filling more than 1 million…

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Meet Camisa Vines – Code for Career Success Career 

Meet Camisa Vines – Code for Career Success

When she was 15 years old, Camisa Vines signed up for a computer coding class at the Boys & Girls Club of St. Joseph County in South Bend, Indiana. It changed her life. “After our first 10-week program, I decided to stick with it and develop my skills,” says Vines, a 2018 graduate of John Adams High School. Coding is a basic skill for creating computer software, apps and websites. As Vines progressed, the South Bend Code School hired her as an intern to teach others. In 2018, named…

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Meet Matt Harper – Career Sparked By An Apprenticeship Career 

Meet Matt Harper – Career Sparked By An Apprenticeship

In just one year, Matt Harper went from being a student at Fishers High School in Fishers, Indiana, to a career as an electrician, earning money that he couldn’t imagine when he was working his part-time job, bussing tables at a restaurant. “I’m still learning and getting the hang of it, but I really like it,” Harper says. “The fact that I can understand the basics of something as complicated as electricity and how to make something happen that we take for granted, like a light switch going on, is…

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Happy to help: Volunteering Can Teach You a Lot Career 

Happy to help: Volunteering Can Teach You a Lot

Volunteering is a perfect opportunity to help others and learn more about what kind of work you like. As a volunteer, you not only get an experience that looks great to employers—you also get personal satisfaction from helping a good cause or an organization. Your school probably offers opportunities through clubs and organizations, but check out some of the places in the community that have helped you or a family member, or places that you like to go, such as parks or community centers. Your school counselor, teacher, parents or…

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Every kid gets asked the question: What do you want to be when you grow up? This is your chance to answer the question for real, because you are making decisions now that will impact your future for four, five, even ten years or more down the road. So what did you want to be then? What do you want to be now? Maybe you are sticking with the career you wanted when you were younger. Or, maybe your dreams have changed, fueled by a recently discovered new talent, class,…

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Tips for a High School Resume Career 

Tips for a High School Resume

You might have already had that moment of panic when someone asks you: Do you have a resume? Don’t be caught empty handed. You can find a resume template online or through Indiana Career Explorer at Start building your own with these tips: Keep a running list of work experience (even babysitting or lawn mowing), volunteer activities, skills, education, and accomplishments. Keep this list updated, so you can update your resume as you gain experience. Include your contact information (name, phone number, address and email), then list work history,…

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Free Training + Better Jobs Career 

Free Training + Better Jobs

Too many Hoosiers lack the skills for the jobs that are here today and being created tomorrow—nearly all of which require education and training beyond high school. The Indiana General Assembly expanded the Workforce Ready Grant in 2018 to include all high school graduates, providing free job training for Hoosiers who are Indiana residents and U.S. citizens (or eligible non-citizens) and who have less than a college degree. Next Level Jobs provides Hoosiers with free statewide training in high-paying, in-demand industries. Next Level Jobs also provides Indiana employers with reimbursements…

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4 Reasons Apprenticeships Work Career 

4 Reasons Apprenticeships Work

Earn a solid paycheck while you work towards your journeyworker’s license, which will allow you to earn top dollar. Earn college credit. Classroom hours and on-the-job training count towards an associate degree. Graduate debt-free with an associate degree and journeyworker’s license. Have a rewarding career as a craft professional. In general, high demand skills earn higher wages. How to Learn More Talk to your school counselor about how to find an apprenticeship, either through Associated Builders and Contractors Inc., or through your local Ivy Tech Community College campus. Good Advice…

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Be Flexible. Follow Your Dream. Career 

Be Flexible. Follow Your Dream.

Who you are plays a big part in what you’ll do—and how you get there.   Discovery: What do I like? What am I good at?   Education: Need more, lots of options   Experience: Intern, volunteer, shadow, work   Whoa: I changed my mind, now what?   Plan B: This is better;   Finding success!

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Career Confusion? Career 

Career Confusion?

5 Ways to Find Direction Not everyone knows what they want to do after high school. Continuing your education is the perfect way to find a career you’ll love. Erin Mahoney, interim executive director of Career Services at DePauw University, offers these tips: When visiting colleges, look beyond the Admissions Office. Speak to someone at the career-counseling center and meet and talk with faculty members in your areas of interest about learning opportunities outside the classroom. Be sure you’ll have the opportunity to apply what you’re learning in the classroom in…

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Career Toolbox Career 

Career Toolbox

There are loads of online tools to help you learn more about potential careers that match your personal style and preferences. Here are just a few: for advice, links and a personality quiz. to explore your interests and skills and find a career to match. The Bureau of Labor Statistics website,, for easy-to-read data about careers. from O*Net Online and the U.S. Department of Labor offers lists of careers, along with their average salaries, to match your interests and education level. Explore potential careers that…

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Students Speak: Max Golden Career 

Students Speak: Max Golden

Max Golden Preschool Assistant/High School Student/Child Development Associate Degree holder Hometown: Indianapolis Age: 17   School/work experience: Max already has earned his child development associate degree (CDA) through a program at Warren Central High School that combines regular courses with a job at the Warren Early Childhood Center. He works with three- to five-year-olds at the center. “I got interested through my grandparents, because they run a day care. I used to be a part of that day care and then started helping out.” What it’s like: “Right now I’m…

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Soft Skills: Your Secret Weapon Career 

Soft Skills: Your Secret Weapon

Today’s employers say they need employees with excellent employability skills, often called “soft skills.” What are they, and how do you acquire them? Joann Ingulli-Fattic, president of the human resources consulting firm Transcend3HR, defines soft skills as interpersonal relationship skills “that are used in every situation, school course or position in which you interact with people.” “Technical skills are baseline requirements for a position; what distinguishes a person is their ability to use soft, or transferable, skills in a variety of situations,” she says. These three are key: Communication skills….

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10 Tips To Improve Your Employability Skills Career 

10 Tips To Improve Your Employability Skills

Practice active listening. Good listeners show they want to understand what the person is saying and that they care about the relationship. Ask clarifying questions and paraphrase what the speaker has conveyed; take notes when appropriate; don’t interrupt. Maintain eye contact. Practice speaking in front of a mirror. Feels weird at first, but you’ll sound more polished and feel more confident. Practice your writing skills. Writing isn’t just for English class. Practice writing—and re-writing—in every class and before any social media post. Be genuine and respectful with others. A friendly…

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Students Speak: Britney Arenas Career 

Students Speak: Britney Arenas

Britney Arenas Indiana INTERNnet Impact Award Winner/High School Student Hometown: South Bend Age: 16   Internship experience: Britney was the youngest intern at South Bend’s Bowman Creek Educational Ecosystem last summer. One of her teachers told her about the program, which is focused on improving the environment around the creek in her neighborhood. “He said, ‘You should work there. You can get paid.’ I decided to apply and I got the job.” Big idea: During her internship she came up with the idea of building a Little Lending Library in…

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CAREERS In Less Time Career 

CAREERS In Less Time

You can jump-start your career with a two-year degree, apprenticeship, or even certificate in lots of career fields. Sometimes called “middle-skill” jobs or skilled jobs, these careers actually make up the largest part of the labor market and are in demand by employers. In Indiana, middle-skill jobs, which require an education beyond high school but not a four-year degree, include: Information technology support specialists Computer network administrators Truck drivers Dental hygienists Registered or licensed practical nurses Electricians Plumbers Industrial machinery mechanics   Earn while you learn: Earn a solid paycheck…

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Students Speak: Tristyn Strong Career 

Students Speak: Tristyn Strong

Tristyn Strong Intern/High School Student Hometown: Noblesville High School: Noblesville High School Age: 16   Working on: Intern at Gordon Plumbing in Indianapolis through the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) of Indiana/Kentucky Prep Academy. ABC offers high school juniors and seniors an introduction to various trades, hands-on training and an apprenticeship in the trade of their choice. What it’s like: During his junior year, Tristyn took regular classes at Noblesville High School in the morning, then went to Prep Academy in the afternoon, where he and other students learned the…

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What Will You Be? 3 Secrets to Success Career 

What Will You Be? 3 Secrets to Success

Ever since you were a little kid, people have probably asked you this question: What do you want to be when you grow up? Whatever you want to be right now –doctor, builder, teacher or entrepreneur – you need to be something else, too: prepared for success. BE Educated Everyone should pursue and complete a post-secondary credential or degree beyond high school to compete in our knowledge-based economy. You don’t know how to do everything. Just be prepared to keep learning. BE Someone to Hire Critical thinking skills and personal…

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Apply Now! Career 

Apply Now!

College Go! August-November is a perfect time to get the college admissions process underway. Get started! 1. Organize Create a list of at least three and up to five colleges you will apply to, including at least one “reach” school that you might be admitted to based on your test scores; one “probably yes” school that your profile closely matches; and one “safety” school that you are sure to be admitted to. 2. Tackle those applications Some colleges will require more than others, so prioritize according to deadlines and the…

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