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What Will You Be? 3 Secrets to Success Career 

What Will You Be? 3 Secrets to Success

Ever since you were a little kid, people have probably asked you this question: What do you want to be when you grow up? Whatever you want to be right now –doctor, builder, teacher or entrepreneur – you need to be something else, too: prepared for success.

BE Educated
Everyone should pursue and complete a post-secondary credential or degree beyond high school to compete in our knowledge-based economy. You don’t know how to do everything. Just be prepared to keep learning.

BE Someone to Hire
Critical thinking skills and personal qualities (responsibility, work ethic, willingness to learn) were cited by employers as the most challenging to find among job applicants and new hires according to a 2015 Indiana Chamber of Commerce survey. No matter what the career or job, employers want to hire people with “soft” skills: a customer service mentality, a desire to do things right the first time and teamwork.

BE Flexible
People can change, and the world always changes. Careers that people have today are very different from what they were like ten years ago, or even five years ago. You will have life experiences that teach you things about yourself and open up new career possibilities. Most people have many jobs and even several different careers throughout their lives. Stay open to continuing your education well beyond high school so that you are prepared for the changes ahead.

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