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What Should I Do Next? Career 

What Should I Do Next?

As you enter the final semesters of high school, take steps to find a new career direction. Unsure? Some ways to narrow down the possibilities:

What Do You Like to Do?
By now, you know what subjects you like and which ones you’d happily never take again, (although you’ll still likely encounter basic subjects like math, writing or world languages in apprenticeships or college). Maybe you’ve already identified your super power—you are great with people or find working with numbers both easy and interesting. Play to your strengths. If you love what you do, your days (and years) of working will be much happier.

What Makes Sense?
You want to play in the NBA, but the last time you scored in a game was in elementary school. It’s great to dream, but also important to take a realistic look at your abilities and the job market. What are the job projections in the career you are considering? You need to make enough money to live on, right? If the things you really love to do don’t pay well or are very hard to break into, is there a way to combine those things with a job you could like?

Look for the Sweet Spot.
The sweet spot is where your talents and abilities line up with a job that pays you enough to live. People have different values when it comes to these variables and it will probably take some years before you figure out your best life. Keep learning about yourself and career fields that play to your strengths.


Indiana Career Explorer
Explore jobs in demand, assess your skills and develop a plan to get the education and training you need when you create an account at Indiana Career Explorer through the Indiana Department of Workforce Development at Also, check out for more info.

Occupational Outlook Handbook
The Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook ( offers career information, education and training, pay, and outlook for hundreds of occupations. Browse the highest-paying, fastest-growing jobs, or featured occupations that you may never have thought of.

My Next Move
My Next Move ( from O*Net Online and the U.S. Department of Labor starts with some basic questions, like “What do you want to do for a living?” to start your career quest. Sort careers according to your interests and what credentials you’ll need, from on-the-job-training to apprenticeships to advanced degrees.

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