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Students Speak: Tony Brown Career 

Students Speak: Tony Brown

Tony Brown

  • Aviation technician
  • Basketball and video-game fan
  • Hometown: Indianapolis


Working on: “I am an Aviation Maintenance student at the Aviation Technology Center at Vincennes University’s satellite campus in Indianapolis. I am earning certificates in Airframe and Powerplant. The Federal Aviation Administration calls that the A&P license.”
Turning point: “I went to Warren Central High School and started at a different college and was learning to fix computers but it didn’t keep my interest. I knew that I liked taking things apart and putting them back together, and I liked airplanes. I had an uncle that did something similar in the Air Force and I talked to him a little about what he learned.”

Why Vincennes: “From there I decided to check out schools in the area. After touring a couple of others first, I took a tour at the Aviation Technology Center. They have a fully functioning 737 [aircraft] for me to work on, along with several other airplanes and a helicopter. I work at Eagle Creek Aviation in Line Service so I fuel and move airplanes. Now I get to see every day what I’m going to be doing when I graduate, and with the industry shortage of licensed mechanics, I know I will not have any trouble finding a job paying good money.

What it’s like: “I get to have fun while I’m learning and working. We rotate classes every four weeks so I’m never bored, and I learn as I go since most of what we do is hands-on.

Wish I’d have known: “I wish I had known about this program when I graduated from high school. Since the program is only 20 months from start to finish I could have been working as a maintenance technician already.”

Advice: “Don’t pick a major just because someone tells you that it’s good for you. Look for a career, not just a job and then you will always be happy. Think outside the box. Girls can fix airplanes too.”

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