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Students Speak: Haley Rivera Career College 

Students Speak: Haley Rivera

Haley Rivera

  • Indiana INTERNnet Impact Award Nominee
  • College Student
  • Future Nurse
  • Hometown: Hobart, Indiana


Experience: Career experience: Hobart High School has a work-based learning program. “When you apply to the program, you write down what you are interested in and where you want to go. I was matched with Brickyard Pediatrics. We have block scheduling, so during the third hour, I would go to Dr. [Marc] Connery’s office for 90 minutes. Sometimes I would go over after school, too, or on school breaks.”
What it was like: “I would watch Dr. Connery evaluate, treat and diagnose. It was interesting. I learned about different medicines and how to interact with sick children, how a child grows up and how you should treat them. If he didn’t have appointments, we would go over to the hospital where he sees newborns.”

College plans:  “I am going to Indiana University Northwest. It’s close to home and has an excellent nursing program. I learned a lot about what goes into being a pediatrician, but I also realize now that you need to have a backup plan. Right now, going to school for 10 more years to be a pediatrician sounds like a lot, so I’m going to do nursing and if I decide later I want to go on, I can.”

Paying for college: “Staying home and going to college is going to save me a ton of money. Tuition at IU Northwest is less than $10,000 a year, and they gave me a scholarship. I also qualified for the state Frank O’Bannon grant, a federal Pell grant and smaller scholarships from my orthodontist and my softball league. It’s a decent amount of money that will cover my schooling. It all comes down to managing and budgeting to stay away from debt.”

Advice: Don’t be afraid to try new things. “I was a little afraid to do work-based learning, but taking the risk was a good thing. I learned that you will probably change your major but it’s OK; it’s better to change early, before you spend a lot of money on a college or a career that isn’t right for you.”

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