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Is This for Me? Career 

Is This for Me?

Find Out More About Joining the Military

Benefits like college and career opportunities—not to mention possible travel and adventure—make the military a great option for service-minded men and women. Make sure you investigate all the possible avenues, including ROTC programs on many college campuses.


There are more than 150 job categories, in everything from science, intelligence, combat and the law within the U.S. Army. Learn more at

Air Force

If you meet the criteria for joining, you’ll automatically receive hands-on training and college credits toward an associate degree. Visit


On ship decks or below the surface in a submarine, find out how members of the Navy rule the seas at

Marine Corps

They’ve got a fierce reputation and a famous motto, semper fidelis, Latin for “always faithful.” Learn more at

Indiana National Guard

Serve both Indiana and the nation with a life and career in your home state. Visit

Steps to Enlisting

Talk to a recruiter. You may meet a recruiter at your school or connect through the branch website. Either way, your recruiter can provide important information to help you make a decision and fill you in on next steps.

Take the ASVAB. The Armed Services Vocation Aptitude Battery is a test that will determine your eligibility for specific branches and jobs within that branch.

Be boot camp ready. No matter which branch you join, you’ll be expected to be physically fit. Start getting in shape now before you hit boot camp. You can expect to be pushed to your physical and mental limit but rewarded by lifetime bonds with your fellow recruits and a well-deserved feeling of accomplishment at graduation.

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