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How She Did It: A Love of Cars, A Cool Career Career 

How She Did It: A Love of Cars, A Cool Career

Breanna Gillum attended four different high schools before graduating from North Putnam High School in 2019, but one thing always stayed constant: her love of working on cars.

“It started when I got my first car,” Gillum says. “If there was an issue with it, I wanted to fix it. Working on cars is my relaxing place.”

She learned new skills through the diesel automotive program at Area 30 Career Center and added experience to her resume as an intern at Hendershots Auto Care Center, where she did tire rotations, oil changes, and brake and suspension repairs during her senior year.

Gillum was the only female student in her automotive class, but that never bothered her. In fact, having smaller hands has given her an advantage over some men, who can’t always reach into a car’s tighter spots.

“People don’t expect to see a female worker because it’s considered a man’s job, even today,” she says. “But I’m just as capable or maybe more capable, than anyone else. I do my own thing.”

Gillum knows her skills are in demand for future employment. She is considering serving in the military, where she hopes to find adventure and continue to use her automotive repair skills on diesel vehicles. Someday, she hopes to open her own shop.

Her advice? “Don’t be scared to follow your interests,” she says.“ Jobs are not just female or male.”

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