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Help Build a Better World Career 

Help Build a Better World

Law and Public Safety

Why it’s so important: On the frontlines in any emergency, we look for the helpers.

Ted Harton, firefighter, Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD). He is a graduate of Indiana University and the 20-week IFD recruit school.

“I enjoy my career as a firefighter because you get to see tangible differences on some peoples’ worst days, whether it is saving a life, someone’s house, or just picking up an elderly person who needed you. Most people are very appreciative of the work we do. That’s the cool part about it: It’s just our job. There are great people everywhere who would love the chance to help another person, but not everyone gets that opportunity. Being a firefighter gives me that opportunity almost every shift to truly make a difference.”

*Source: Cone Communications Millennial Employment Engagement Study
**Source: Mercer 2018 Global Talent Trends

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