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Help Build a Better World

Agriculture and Environment

Why it’s so important: We all need to eat, and growing food while solving the issues of climate change is one of the world’s biggest challenges.

Dane Chapman is from a family farm in Brookston, Indiana, attended Frontier High School, where he was one of just 58 students in his graduating class. He went on to graduate from Purdue University, where he enjoyed classes of 500 students in large lecture halls.

“I majored in ag business at Purdue and had a few internships at John Deere and Land O’Lakes that helped me better understand the complexity of agriculture. It’s a very complex system to make sure we all have food on our table. Agriculture has evolved a lot. In 1955, for example, one farmer could feed about 25 people. Now that same farmer can feed about 155 people.
“As a business technology analyst at Deloitte Consulting, I hope to help companies become more efficient with technology. My long-term vision is to apply that knowledge to agriculture. We have to continue to feed the world, but also provide the fiber for clothing and energy the world needs, too. Every time we eat, throw on clothes, or go somewhere, the ag industry is powering that. Technology is the answer to how we do that in a more sustainable way, using less land, water and energy. Individually, we are all very small and insignificant in the world, but we are also part of the bigger picture in life.”

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