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Career Outlook

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development predicts that more than one million jobs will need to be filled in Indiana over the next 10 years.

That’s a lot of jobs—but what kind of jobs? And where do you fit in?

Where Are the Good Jobs?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that total employment in the U.S. will increase by 20.5 million jobs between 2010 and 2020, with the fastest growth in healthcare, personal care and social assistance, and construction.
Other fields expected to increase:

  • professional and technical occupations, including computer systems design, scientific, and technical consulting, planning and logistics
  • education
  • service jobs in hotels and restaurants, seasonal and temporary workers, and waste collection

What about Indiana?

Indiana also ranks the most in-demand jobs at You can see all the jobs, organize them by interest, salaries, or demand, and even watch videos with people in those jobs describing what it is really like. The list on this page shows Indiana’s highest in-demand careers, education required and potential salaries.

Accountants Bachelor’s Degree – $65,880.00
Acute Care Nurses Bachelor’s Degree – $60,050.00
Allergists and Immunologists Doctoral or Professional Degree – $229,120.00
Auditors Bachelor’s Degree – $65,880.00
Clinical Nurse Specialists Master’s Degree – $60,050.00
Construction Managers Bachelor’s Degree – $81,710.00
Critical Care Nurses Associate Degree – $60,050.00
Dental Hygienists Associate Degree – $67,230.00
Dermatologists Doctoral or Professional Degree – $229,120.00
Electricians Certificate/Credential – $57,680.00
First-line supervisors of Construction Trades and Extraction Workers
High School Diploma – $63,630.00
General Operations Managers Bachelor’s Degree – $96,640.00
Management Analysts Bachelor’s Degree – $93,460.00
Medical and Health Services Managers Bachelor’s Degree – $93,460.00
Medical Assistants Certificate/Credential – $30,740.00
Medical Secretaries Some college, no Degree – $33,170.00
Neurologists Doctoral or Professional Degree – $229,120.00
Nurse Practitioners Master’s Degree – $99,240.00
Physical Therapists Master’s Degree – $80,770.00
Plumbers Certificate/Credential – $57,400.00
Registered Nurses Associate Degree – $60,050.00
Software Developers Bachelor’s Degree – $82,210.00
Sports Medicine Physicians Doctoral or Professional Degree – $229,120.00

Tech is Everywhere

You’ve heard that tech is full of opportunity, but do you have to be a “coder” to get a job with a tech company?
Learning to code is cool, but you don’t have to have that particular skill to work for a tech company, according to the folks at TechPoint, a non-profit that works to grow Indiana’s tech industry.
In fact, there are all kinds of companies that fall under the “tech” job umbrella. You could work for a mid-size company that sells tech products, like software or hardware, or a small start-up that offers consulting services. Opportunities exist, too, at big tech companies that operate data and internet infrastructure. But almost every company—from health care organizations to manufacturing facilities to banks and grocery stores—need tech-skilled people.
Some job areas include: data science, design, IT and cybersecurity, customer support, sales, and marketing. You can learn more online, at, or visit to research opportunities.

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