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Are Robots Going to Take My Job? Career 

Are Robots Going to Take My Job?

Indiana is a huge manufacturing state, and finding skilled talent is important to keep the state producing everything from cars to medical devices to plastics.

Some jobs in manufacturing will continue to change thanks to technology and robotics, but the good news is that people will be needed to create, program, repair, monitor these new systems, and provide all the other services related to manufacturing. Those jobs will likely increase along with other professional and technical occupations.

In fact, over the next ten years, U.S. manufacturers are expected to add 1.96 million jobs as a result of natural growth in the industry and an additional 2.69 million jobs are expected to open up as a result of retirements in the industry. This is expected to lead to a large manufacturing labor shortage in the coming years, according to the Manufacturing Institute.

“What it means to work in advanced manufacturing and logistics is evolving and creating more opportunities for Hoosiers who are prepared to work alongside advanced technologies,” said J. Mark Howell, president and CEO of Conexus Indiana (

“Due to its robust manufacturing and logistics economies, its emerging tech sector and its pioneering educational institutions, Indiana is uniquely situated to thrive and sustain its national leadership in this new era.”

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