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Transition to College in 3 Steps

1. Leave your parents behind.
OK, a bit extreme. But if you haven’t learned to do some basic self-care habits (setting your own alarm to wake up, doing laundry, budgeting your spending money, keeping track of your stuff) it’s past time. College will test your abilities in many ways, so get the basics of adulthood down now.

2. Embrace the college experience.
Attend every freshman welcome week or orientation activity you can, and don’t hesitate to plunge right into campus life. Make a goal to join at least one organization before the end of your first semester. And, don’t skip class. Remember why you came to college in the first place and make every day count.

3. Take advantage of free help.
Colleges want you to succeed. If you are stressed or worried about anything, reach out to a residence hall or academic advisor or a professor. Most campuses have every kind of help, including food pantries for students struggling to find and afford food, free tutoring for math and writing classes, and medical and mental health assistance. Spend freshman year learning about the key “centers”—the resources you need to be successful—including the campus career center, tutoring or learning center and the student recreation or fitness center.

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