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Advice you’ll actually want from a recent college graduate Blog College 

Advice you’ll actually want from a recent college graduate

– Megan Carrell,  intern at the Indianapolis Business Journal

In high school, you get bombarded with so much advice and information that it’s easy to ignore. But I promise, some of it is seriously useful. Here’s a list of what I wish I’d ACTUALLY listened to before college.


  1. Be a nerd.

Taking AP and ACP classes in high school might seem insane. But as hard as it is at the time, getting college credit is very nice later on. It’s easier and cheaper than a semester in college, and I’ve even seen some people mess up their semesters and still graduate in 4 years because of their incoming credit cushion.


  1. Stay INSIDE your comfort zone.

People always tell you to “be involved”. What they don’t tell you is that’s the best way to make friends when you’re struggling to find some. Common ground about something you care about is the perfect conversation starter. I made as many friends talking about crocheting and Doctor Who as I made in my major.

3. Don’t be afraid to try something new!
In addition to Greek life, there are literally hundreds of clubs at college. You can learn sign language or start swing dancing. Most colleges also have visiting artists, discounted musical performances, or even celebrity events. If it’s free, all you have to do is go!

4. Stay in sometimes, too.
Going out is fun, but it gets exhausting after a while. Sometimes your best memories come from ordering pizza and marathoning a whole season of Game of Thrones with friends.

5. Realize that you’re learning how to be yourself for the first time.
Not having parents, siblings, or old friends around can be freeing, terrifying or both. Know that you’re going to make mistakes and that’s fine and normal.


  1. Enjoy the weirdness.
    Trust me- college is the last chance you have to sleep in public without getting any weird looks.

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