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Apply to College Now: Part 3 Blog 

Apply to College Now: Part 3

The 3rd step in our series is Get Organized. It’s hard to keep all the information about financial aid, programs, courses and housing about each school in your head. So, don’t. Instead, create a folder for each school you plan to apply to. In the folder, you can store admissions information and application materials to easily reference and compare. While you are on the Next Indiana website, don’t forget to check-out the 2020-21 issue of Next Indiana for more information on Career, College and Cost and DEFINITELY enter to win the $1,500 scholarship!

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Apply to College Now: Part 2 Blog 

Apply to College Now: Part 2

It is time to Take the SAT or ACT. Check with the colleges you plan to apply to for their policies regarding submission of test scores. And think about this: although an SAT or ACT score may be optional, strong scores could help your application, so taking either—or both—exams couldn’t hurt. Remember, too, that if you are a 21st Century Scholar, you must take either the SAT or ACT to claim that life-changing scholarship opportunity. Students who qualify for free or reduced lunch can also take the SAT and ACT for free. Ask…

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Apply to College Now: Part 1 Blog 

Apply to College Now: Part 1

Seniors—as a new school year begins, either virtually or back in the classrooms, there are many things that you need to do. One of the biggest is to apply to college. Even though the deadlines for your school of choice may be a few months away, you should begin your application sooner than later so you are ready to hit “send” when the time is right. Start here: Choose 3 – 6 or More Colleges to Apply to. You may have a favorite, but don’t limit yourself. Make a list of several…

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The Business of Sports Blog 

The Business of Sports

The IU Kelly School of Business is introducing a new program for business students looking to work in the sports field. Kelley’s Sports Industry Workshop, developed by IU professor Nathaniel Grow, who is a nationally recognized expert in the field of sports law, begins this fall. Read more about this story on Inside Indiana Business with Gerry Dick.

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WGU Offers Digital Access Scholarship Blog 

WGU Offers Digital Access Scholarship

The pandemic has certainly changed the way many of us go to school and work these days. As schools begin to welcome students back, some of you may be looking for an online college. But what if you don’t have access to the internet or a computer? Western Governors University has created the Online Access Scholarship. This scholarship will cover the cost of installing and accessing the internet for qualifying students. The scholarship will also provide recipients with a refurbished laptop, complete with a webcam. Listen to an interview with WGU…

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Best College Value? Indiana has You Covered Blog 

Best College Value? Indiana has You Covered

As you begin your college search, you want to find quality schools that are also affordable. Money magazine weighed more than 20,000 data points, including tuition fees, family borrowing, and career earnings to compile and rank the country’s best colleges by value. Did you know that 20 of the “Best Colleges in America” are right here in Indiana? So, as you are putting together your list of colleges, Indiana is a great place to start! For a list of Indiana Colleges, visit our College Directory page. Interested in seeing more? Visit our College…

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Experience Europe Without Leaving Indiana Blog 

Experience Europe Without Leaving Indiana

How is this possible you may ask? Is this a virtual tour? No, it is not. As you know from studying your Indiana history, our State was settled by many different immigrants. As they made Indiana their home and founded new cities, they named many of them after the European cities in their homeland. Visit Indiana has compiled a list of 10 stops for a perfect European Indiana road trip. Get out there and enjoy the journey.

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We are proud to announce that our staff has won a 2020 APEX Award for Publication Excellence for the 2019-20 issue of Next Indiana: A Guide to Life After High School. We were one of 10 recipients of the award and entries were made from all over the world. The awards were based on excellence in graphic design, editorial content, and the success of the entry—in the opinion of the judges—in achieving overall communications effectiveness. We want to thank our wonderful partners at Learn More Indiana for the opportunity to work on this great…

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Online Learning Blog 

Online Learning

As we prepare for a new and MUCH different school year, online learning could still be the way most of you must attend classes. Check out the new issue of Next Indiana and see “What We Learned About Online Learning in 2020”. There are also 3 blogs with information of how to study from home, and how to stay motivated to do you schoolwork while remote learning.

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Mental Health Blog 

Mental Health

It is not easy being a teenager. It seems like everything about you and around you is changing. We all experience the confusion and awkwardness, but if what you or a friend are feeling seems overwhelming and begins to affect how you interact with your family and friends, maybe it is more than just teenage angst. “How Will I Know If Something’s Wrong?” is a great article in the new issue of Next Indiana. Make sure you, your family and friends know the warning signs and remember asking for, or offering, help is…

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Make a Difference! Blog 

Make a Difference!

Will you be 18 years old on or before November 3, 2020? This is our next General Election Day—the Presidential Election and you want to be ready. You can make sure your voice is heard and help make a difference by VOTING. In order to vote, you must be registered by October 5, 2020. You can register to vote at You will need a valid Indiana Driver’s License Number or Indiana State Identification Number. If you do not have either of these, you can download and print the Indiana Voter Registration…

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Get ready, get set—if you are a high school senior, it’s time to apply to college. Even if deadlines for your school of choice are a few months away, you should begin your application sooner than later so that you can be ready to hit “send” when the time is right. If the school has rolling admissions—that is, decisions are made continuously throughout the year—you could find out within a few weeks whether you’ve been admitted and begin making choices about living arrangements and other important decisions. Start here: Choose…

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Contractions, Plurals, and Possessives Blog 

Contractions, Plurals, and Possessives

What do all three of these things have in common? The multi-talented apostrophe, of course. That little, superscript mark is a powerful piece of punctuation. It allows us to combine words by indicating the missing letters. It can make singular nouns plural. And, by adding the simple apostrophe plus an “s,” it converts singular nouns into possessives whether the singular noun ends in “s” or not. Now, there are grammar rules attached to all three of these uses, but it appears that we are in the middle of an apostrophe revolt….

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What’s Your Next Step? Blog 

What’s Your Next Step?

Ever heard of the adjacent possible theory? According to Steven Johnson, author of Where Good Ideas Come From, “The adjacent possible is a kind of shadow future, hovering on the edges of the present state of things, a map of all the ways in which the present can reinvent itself.” Adjacent possible was first introduced by Stuart Kauffman in 2002. Kauffman’s theory proposes that biological systems are able to morph into more complex systems by making incremental, relatively less energy consuming changes in their make up. Basically, taking small steps. That all sounds very…

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As a student, there are a number of ways you can save money during school. We’ve outlined some tips and ideas to help you manage your money: Fill out the FAFSA every year. Complete the FAFSA by April 15th before each new school year, regardless of your family’s financial status to see if you’re eligible to receive funds. The FAFSA helps you tap into federal, state and institutional grants and scholarships. Apply for scholarships and grants. These financial resources are designed to reward academic success and promote educational advancement. Check…

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Ivy Tech Partners With McDonald’s to Fund Employee Education Cost 

Ivy Tech Partners With McDonald’s to Fund Employee Education

McDonald’s restaurants and Ivy Tech Community College have teamed up for McDonald’s Archways to Opportunity program to make college more affordable and offer training at more than 300 McDonald’s locations and 18 Ivy Tech campuses. Restaurant employees who work a minimum of 90 days at 15 hours per week will be eligible for tuition assistance of up to $2,500 per year as a crew member and up to $3,000 per year as a manager. Ivy Tech will offer crosswalk credits to McDonald’s restaurant employees for some on-the-job training and classes,…

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Work for Tuition Cost 

Work for Tuition

Many employers offer tuition benefits for workers who want to start or continue their education. Some tips for achieving a school-work relationship: Check with your employer to see if they have partnered with colleges to provide free courses specific to your career or if they offer training incentives or certificate programs for skills that are relevant to your career and personal growth. Don’t be afraid to ask. Even if a company doesn’t mention tuition reimbursement on the website or in literature, it’s okay to ask if they can provide any…

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Fill Out Your FAFSA Cost 

Fill Out Your FAFSA

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, otherwise known as FAFSA, is the first and most important part of your college financial aid strategy. Even if you are not sure about your college plans or think you won’t qualify, all seniors should file the FAFSA online between October 1 and April 15 to qualify for state and federal financial aid for the next academic year. Remember, you’ll have to file every year for the next year in order to keep receiving financial aid. Complete the application as soon as possible…

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You Could be a Winner, Too Cost 

You Could be a Winner, Too

Gillienne Boyd entered to win the Next Indiana scholarship contest in 2019 and won $1,500 for college. Boyd will attend Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) and major in pre-nursing, with a goal to someday work in a children’s hospital. Boyd took AP and honors courses and was a leader in several organizations, including the National Honor Society, Secretary and Treasurer of Key Club, Captain of the Social Studies Academic Superbowl Team, and a leader with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Student Council and North High School Science Shows. She also…

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