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Students Speak: Abby Mesfin Cost 

Students Speak: Abby Mesfin

Abby Mesfin

Purdue freshman/biology major with pre-med interest

Hometown and high school: Brownsburg, Brownsburg High School


College choice: Abby liked the research opportunities Purdue offered, and when she visited campus she thought, “I can see myself here. I felt more at home. Purdue spoke to me.”

Goals: “Pre-med is something I’ve known I wanted to do for a while. My parents are from Ethiopia and we went there when I was in eighth grade. Some of the children we saw were sick and didn’t have shoes.” She thought, “I want to be able to become a doctor and go back and help them.”

Paying for college: Abby is a 21st Century Scholar and explored financial aid and other scholarship opportunities online. “I was blessed and happy to have those. My school told us how important FAFSA and financial aid were.”

Challenges: “First semester I was stressed and worried that I wouldn’t do well. I feel that my fear hindered me from trying my best. I went home a lot too, and that made it a lot harder to get to know people. Coming back this semester, I said, there’s no need to be afraid. I’m going to work as hard as I can and there’s nothing else I can do. I feel a lot better this semester and Purdue’s a home.”

Other interests: She wants to help incoming freshmen by becoming an Honors College mentor this fall, and plans to volunteer next semester at a crisis intervention call center. She’s a member of Purdue’s African Student Association and the American Medical Student Association.

Advice: “College is like a clean slate. Make sure you work hard academically, but finding a balance is extremely important. Find what makes you happy. It’s your chance to do what you want. There are so many opportunities.”

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