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Resumes reflect Gen Z’s social-media mindset Blog Featured 

Resumes reflect Gen Z’s social-media mindset

Originally posted on IBJ Eight@8 A new job is a long-term commitment of passion and (sometimes faked) enthusiasm for your colleagues, but do you really want your resume to look like your online dating profile? And, yes, we get the importance of standing out from the crowd with distinctive branding, but are you willing to risk your branding being interpreted by a hiring manager as “desperate doofus”? As Gen Z enters the workforce, companies are seeing an increasing number of digital resumes with headshots, bitmojis, goofy icons, fact boxes for…

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Podcast: Interview Hacking Blog Featured 

Podcast: Interview Hacking

Guest Podcast In this episode of “The JoyPowered™ Workspace Podcast,” JoDee and Susan discuss how to have a great job interview, from both the interviewer’s and the interviewee’s perspectives. Topics include interview formats, questions you need to have an answer for, and questions to avoid to stay legally compliant. Job interviews can be difficult and stressful, both for the interviewee AND the interviewer. Ideally, they should be a two-way dialogue, allowing the interviewer for determine if the candidate is the right person for the job, and giving the interviewee and…

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Brownsburg Senior Wins 2019 Scholarship. Could You Be Next? Blog College Featured 

Brownsburg Senior Wins 2019 Scholarship. Could You Be Next?

Bryce Dixon, who graduated with the Brownsburg High School class of 2019, entered the Next Indiana scholarship contest in 2018 and won $1,500 for college. Dixon will attend Indiana University. He plans to study finance and accounting, with a complementary minor in Spanish. “I also might consider international business, as my minor in Spanish will permit me to work abroad in countries that speak the Spanish language,” Dixon said. To prepare for college, Dixon said he took many AP classes in high school to become accustomed to the workload of…

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Free Job Training Blog Featured 

Free Job Training

Can that be right? That sounds too good to be true. It is not. Next Level Jobs provides Hoosiers with free state-wide training in high-paying, in-demand industries. Learn more about the Workforce Ready Grant and the qualifying programs. Your new career could be waiting for you. Still not sure what you want to do? Set up an account with Indiana Career Explorer and see what’s right for you.

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Future Teachers: Win a Scholarship Blog Cost Featured 

Future Teachers: Win a Scholarship

The Next Generation Hoosier Educators Scholarship provides 200 high-achieving high school and college students interested in pursuing a career in education the opportunity to earn a renewable scholarship for four academic years. Recipients will receive $7,500 annually (up to $30,000 total) for committing to teach in Indiana for at least five years after graduating college To qualify for the scholarship, students must either graduate in the highest 20 percent of their high school class or earn a score in the top 20th percentile on the SAT or ACT. To continue…

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College Admissions Do’s and Don’ts College Featured 

College Admissions Do’s and Don’ts

Do create a list. After doing some research, create a list of six colleges you will apply to, based on whether they’re a good “fit” for your goals and your family’s finances. Thinking about your test scores and personal profile, include a few “safety” schools and one “reach” school. Don’t miss a deadline. Review the requirements and deadlines for each college on your list, as well as scholarship and FAFSA deadlines, then put them on your calendar or smartphone. You can find Indiana college application deadlines at Do apply…

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Step Up to the Degree You Need College Featured 

Step Up to the Degree You Need

Climbing the ladder of success isn’t easy, but education can help. Each level of education you earn can bring a higher income, better career options, and more job satisfaction. Taking it step-by-step is a cost-effective way to pursue higher education. Some colleges encourage “stackable degrees” that enable you to earn a certificate, then have those credits count toward the next levels of study: associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate. Doctorate Many careers in the fields of medicine and science require doctorate (Ph.D.) degrees, as well as other fields that include research…

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Search and Find Your Campus Resources College Featured 

Search and Find Your Campus Resources

One of the best skills you can learn in college is how to be your own advocate and ask for help when you need it. Many resources exist on college campuses to help students. For example, you can visit the learning center on campus for tutoring and academic help, or consult your resident advisor for roommate troubles. Take your money concerns to the financial aid office, and don’t wait to get to the health center for physical and mental health problems. For fun, definitely check out the student center or…

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