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Brownsburg Senior Wins 2019 Scholarship. Could You Be Next? Blog College Featured 

Brownsburg Senior Wins 2019 Scholarship. Could You Be Next?

Bryce Dixon, who graduated with the Brownsburg High School class of 2019, entered the Next Indiana scholarship contest in 2018 and won $1,500 for college. Dixon will attend Indiana University. He plans to study finance and accounting, with a complementary minor in Spanish. “I also might consider international business, as my minor in Spanish will permit me to work abroad in countries that speak the Spanish language,” Dixon said. To prepare for college, Dixon said he took many AP classes in high school to become accustomed to the workload of…

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Tips to Finding the Right College College 

Tips to Finding the Right College

Going to college is the next logical step after high school, but make sure your choice fits you, your career plan, and your budget. Three ways to start: Think ahead. Your career goals should shape your college choice. Some certificate programs can get you into a job in less than a year. On the other hand, you might want to be a lawyer, doctor, scientist or physical therapist, which will require many more years of education, and you’ll want to factor those plans into your decision. Create your path for…

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Major Moves College 

Major Moves

Jobs are organized into broad categories, called career clusters. Within 16 different career clusters, you’ll find almost unlimited opportunities. You can learn more about all of them, including employment and wages, education and training, and projected job openings, at the Bureau of of Labor Statistics’ Career Outlook pages at Check out a sample of the career clusters below, and a short list of college majors that might help you advance: Architecture & Construction Careers involve designing and building homes, roads and other structures. Possible college majors: building/construction management, architecture, interior…

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College, Your Way College 

College, Your Way

Indiana has more than 100 choices of colleges and universities, ranging from two Big 10 schools—Indiana University and Purdue University—to more than a dozen independent institutions, and several choices that fall in between in terms of size. You can go big, go small, or stay close to home. It can cost a little—or a lot. What’s your style? Check out these options: Community college: At Ivy Tech Community College campuses throughout the state or Vincennes University in Vincennes and Indianapolis, you can earn a certificate or two-year associate degree quicker…

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Meet Matthew Calisto – High School Hard Work Pays Off College 

Meet Matthew Calisto – High School Hard Work Pays Off

Matthew Calisto and his older brother were called “the brains” by his parents, but hard work played a big part in his success in high school and getting into college. Calisto plans to study mechanical engineering at Purdue University, where his good grades in high school won him a Presidential Scholarship for $2,400. He also received a scholarship from the Cass County Community Foundation, and applied for a handful of others from local organizations. “My parents saved, but I feel guilty accepting my parents’ money,” Calisto says. “I was never…

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