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The Reality of Student Debt Cost 

The Reality of Student Debt

Student loans may be necessary for you to reach your goals—which usually means a higher income for college graduates—but it’s important to know how borrowing for that investment might impact your life down the road. The majority—59 percent—of Indiana students at a four-year college had some student loan debt at graduation. The average Indiana graduate’s college loan debt in 2017 was $29,562.* What do those numbers mean in real life? Using the student loan calculator at, an individual with student loans of $29,562 would have monthly payments of $340.20…

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3 Strategies for Your Scholarship Search Cost 

3 Strategies for Your Scholarship Search

Scholarships are free money for college. Some are big—maybe even covering your entire college costs—but many, many more are local scholarships for smaller amounts that can really add up. Start early. Visit your school college counseling office to investigate sources of scholarships. Ask for your high school’s list of the previous year’s scholarship winners, where you can see how your qualifications stack up. Start working to secure letters of recommendation from teachers, coaches, or employers at least a month before the application deadline, and be sure to give them clear…

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What are some of the common mistakes college students make with money? Cost 

What are some of the common mistakes college students make with money?

Michelle L. Ashcraft, director of Purdue Promise Student Success Programs, sees some common financial aid fouls among students: Missing the institution’s and/or state’s FAFSA filing deadline. Neglecting to sign up for direct deposit, if available. Financial aid checks can be mailed to wrong addresses if they are not updated, stolen from mailboxes, or deposited into family member’s accounts. Spending financial aid refunds meant for housing, food, and books on furnishing apartments or decorating residence hall rooms. Not having a budget to make sure their financial aid refunds can last the…

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Perfect Your Essay Cost 

Perfect Your Essay

A written essay for a scholarship application is your chance to shine. You might be asked to write about your background, or an example of overcoming adversity, or about a person or event that shaped your life. Pick one of these prompts to write 250 words, and you’ll have the basis for a scholarship essay—no excuses now for not applying! Make sure you have any drafts edited by a teacher or other trusted adult before submitting. Who in your life has been your biggest influence? Why do you want a…

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Meet Matthew Jost – Skipping Graduation But Not College to Serve Country Cost 

Meet Matthew Jost – Skipping Graduation But Not College to Serve Country

Enlisting in the Indiana National Guard and signing up for ROTC at the University of Southern Indiana was a compromise that Matthew Jost made for his parents. Jost wanted to become an active duty soldier after graduating from Noblesville High School, but his parents wanted him to go to college. He found the best of both worlds, but he did have to skip his own high school graduation in 2017 to start army basic training for the National Guard at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Looking back at the missed ceremony, “it was…

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