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Students Speak: Michael Wilson Cost 

Students Speak: Michael Wilson

Ivy Tech and IUPUI grad/system designer, Johnson Controls Hometown and high school: Indianapolis, Indianapolis Christian High School   College choice: Michael was a top student in high school. He wanted to study engineering and was interested in aeronautics. “I didn’t want to go off to a big school or out of state.” He chose Ivy Tech because it offered a two-year associate degree program in mechanical engineering technology with the opportunity to transfer to IUPUI and earn a bachelor’s degree. What it was like: A lot of people don’t know…

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Fun Facts About FAFSA Cost 

Fun Facts About FAFSA

All financial aid starts with FAFSA. Every high school senior intending to go to college—and even those who aren’t sure—should file a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Sticking to the deadlines is important: You must file your FAFSA any time between Oct. 1 and April 15 to qualify for state and federal financial aid for the next academic year. However, FAFSA recommends completing your  application as soon as possible, because some colleges have earlier deadlines.   File online at It’s free, and it usually takes less than…

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More Scholarships Scoop Cost 

More Scholarships Scoop

Filing the FAFSA isn’t the only step you should take in finding financial aid. You can start even earlier, working to find scholarships. Your first stop should be your school or college counseling office. Counselors often have an established—and winning—method to help you in your scholarship search. Other ideas: Search. Investigate community resources such as civic groups, community foundations and faith-based organizations. Many extracurricular organizations, such as your local 4-H clubs or scouting groups, offer scholarships, too. Your parents—or even your own—employer might have programs, too. You can also search…

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Students Speak: Abby Mesfin Cost 

Students Speak: Abby Mesfin

Abby Mesfin Purdue freshman/biology major with pre-med interest Hometown and high school: Brownsburg, Brownsburg High School   College choice: Abby liked the research opportunities Purdue offered, and when she visited campus she thought, “I can see myself here. I felt more at home. Purdue spoke to me.” Goals: “Pre-med is something I’ve known I wanted to do for a while. My parents are from Ethiopia and we went there when I was in eighth grade. Some of the children we saw were sick and didn’t have shoes.” She thought, “I…

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Score Your Financial Aptitude Cost 

Score Your Financial Aptitude

Do you know your way around financing your college career? Take this quiz to learn more. True or false: You don’t need to fill out a FAFSA form if you don’t think you qualify for financial aid. FALSE! Don’t assume you won’t qualify. Every high school senior should complete a FAFSA form. You might be eligible for not only state or federal funds, but aid from colleges and universities as well. And you may discover that you qualify for scholarships you didn’t even know about. True or false: I’ll find…

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