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College Admissions Do’s and Don’ts College Featured 

College Admissions Do’s and Don’ts

Do create a list. After doing some research, create a list of six colleges you will apply to, based on whether they’re a good “fit” for your goals and your family’s finances. Thinking about your test scores and personal profile, include a few “safety” schools and one “reach” school. Don’t miss a deadline. Review the requirements and deadlines for each college on your list, as well as scholarship and FAFSA deadlines, then put them on your calendar or smartphone. You can find Indiana college application deadlines at Do apply…

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Step Up to the Degree You Need College Featured 

Step Up to the Degree You Need

Climbing the ladder of success isn’t easy, but education can help. Each level of education you earn can bring a higher income, better career options, and more job satisfaction. Taking it step-by-step is a cost-effective way to pursue higher education. Some colleges encourage “stackable degrees” that enable you to earn a certificate, then have those credits count toward the next levels of study: associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate. Doctorate Many careers in the fields of medicine and science require doctorate (Ph.D.) degrees, as well as other fields that include research…

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Meet Lisa Fischer  – Search Proves Successful for College, Career College 

Meet Lisa Fischer – Search Proves Successful for College, Career

Growing up, Lisa Fischer helped her parents on their pumpkin farm, but hoped to study engineering in college after graduating from La Porte High School in La Porte, Indiana. Plans change: After a high school summer engineering camp, Fischer decided that career wasn’t her thing at all. “It was helpful, if anything, to not waste time in college on something I didn’t want to do.” Next step: Her high school chemistry teacher suggested that pharmacy might be a good fit. Fischer checked with the Indiana Department of Workforce Development’s “Hot…

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Search and Find Your Campus Resources College Featured 

Search and Find Your Campus Resources

One of the best skills you can learn in college is how to be your own advocate and ask for help when you need it. Many resources exist on college campuses to help students. For example, you can visit the learning center on campus for tutoring and academic help, or consult your resident advisor for roommate troubles. Take your money concerns to the financial aid office, and don’t wait to get to the health center for physical and mental health problems. For fun, definitely check out the student center or…

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First Year Stumbling Blocks College 

First Year Stumbling Blocks

Andy Carr, Intern for IBJ In high school, every day is a set schedule; school is a routine block of time in the middle of the day, and it’s pretty much continuous from beginning to end. Wake up, go to school, participate in whatever extracurricular activity you may be a part of, and go home in the evening to do your homework. Your time is pretty regimented, and it’s easier to know when you will and won’t have time to get things done. In college, you may not start class…

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