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First Year Stumbling Blocks Blog College 

First Year Stumbling Blocks

Andy Carr, Intern for IBJ In high school, every day is a set schedule; school is a routine block of time in the middle of the day, and it’s pretty much continuous from beginning to end. Wake up, go to school, participate in whatever extracurricular activity you may be a part of, and go home in the evening to do your homework. Your time is pretty regimented, and it’s easier to know when you will and won’t have time to get things done. In college, you may not start class…

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The Upside of Being Undecided Blog College 

The Upside of Being Undecided

Maria Makeever, Intern for IBJ When I was a senior in high school, my mom lovingly set me up with a career counselor to help me decide what I wanted to study in college. I had no idea what I wanted to study, and the idea that I had to decide for future me what I wanted to be doing for the rest of my life was, well, a bit daunting. After taking a long aptitudes-and-interests quiz, I listened as the counselor explained to me which careers and colleges would…

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Be Flexible. Follow Your Dream. Career 

Be Flexible. Follow Your Dream.

Who you are plays a big part in what you’ll do—and how you get there.   Discovery: What do I like? What am I good at?   Education: Need more, lots of options   Experience: Intern, volunteer, shadow, work   Whoa: I changed my mind, now what?   Plan B: This is better;   Finding success!

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Stack ‘em Up College 

Stack ‘em Up

College means more than you might think. It’s any educational experience after high school that offers a quality credential or degree. That includes technical, one-year, two-year, four-year opportunities and military educational experiences. And a four-year degree brings the opportunity to move ahead to a master’s or professional degree and doctorate. Which will enable you to reach your career goal? Learn more about pursuing financial aid for college study on page 36-41. Stackable degrees are a cost-effective way to pursue higher education. Some colleges offer this option, which enables you to…

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Students Speak: Michael Wilson Cost 

Students Speak: Michael Wilson

Ivy Tech and IUPUI grad/system designer, Johnson Controls Hometown and high school: Indianapolis, Indianapolis Christian High School   College choice: Michael was a top student in high school. He wanted to study engineering and was interested in aeronautics. “I didn’t want to go off to a big school or out of state.” He chose Ivy Tech because it offered a two-year associate degree program in mechanical engineering technology with the opportunity to transfer to IUPUI and earn a bachelor’s degree. What it was like: A lot of people don’t know…

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