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Take the ACT or SAT College 

Take the ACT or SAT

Make sure you register to take the ACT or SAT, especially if you didn’t like your earlier scores. You can have your scores sent directly to the colleges you’ve applied to by registering them during the test. You can also send them later via the College Board or ACT websites. Register online for the ACT and SAT. You can set up an account at for the ACT, and at for the SAT. Before you register, check with your counselor. You may qualify for fee waivers for both tests…

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Tips to Finding the Right College College 

Tips to Finding the Right College

Going to college is the next logical step after high school, but make sure your choice fits you, your career plan, and your budget. Three ways to start: Think ahead. Your career goals should shape your college choice. Some certificate programs can get you into a job in less than a year. On the other hand, you might want to be a lawyer, doctor, scientist or physical therapist, which will require many more years of education, and you’ll want to factor those plans into your decision. Create your path for…

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Major Moves College 

Major Moves

Jobs are organized into broad categories, called career clusters. Within 16 different career clusters, you’ll find almost unlimited opportunities. You can learn more about all of them, including employment and wages, education and training, and projected job openings, at the Bureau of of Labor Statistics’ Career Outlook pages at Check out a sample of the career clusters below, and a short list of college majors that might help you advance: Architecture & Construction Careers involve designing and building homes, roads and other structures. Possible college majors: building/construction management, architecture, interior…

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A Roadtrip That Inspires Career 

A Roadtrip That Inspires

Dengke Wang, 19, from Portage, Indiana, emigrated from China to northwestern Indiana at the age of seven. Now he’s featured in a new film, “State of Change: Innovation at the Crossroads” from documentary team Roadtrip Nation. The documentary sent three postsecondary students from Indiana on a life-changing road trip to see how Indiana-grown ingenuity is keeping their home state at the cutting edge of rapid technological change. They spent two weeks during the summer of 2017 exploring industries powering Indiana’s growth—including healthcare services, advanced manufacturing, biosciences, and technology—and connecting with…

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The Reality of Student Debt Cost 

The Reality of Student Debt

Student loans may be necessary for you to reach your goals—which usually means a higher income for college graduates—but it’s important to know how borrowing for that investment might impact your life down the road. The majority—59 percent—of Indiana students at a four-year college had some student loan debt at graduation. The average Indiana graduate’s college loan debt in 2017 was $29,562.* What do those numbers mean in real life? Using the student loan calculator at, an individual with student loans of $29,562 would have monthly payments of $340.20…

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