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Meet Camisa Vines – Code for Career Success Career 

Meet Camisa Vines – Code for Career Success

When she was 15 years old, Camisa Vines signed up for a computer coding class at the Boys & Girls Club of St. Joseph County in South Bend, Indiana.

It changed her life.

“After our first 10-week program, I decided to stick with it and develop my skills,” says Vines, a 2018 graduate of John Adams High School.

Coding is a basic skill for creating computer software, apps and websites. As Vines progressed, the South Bend Code School hired her as an intern to teach others. In 2018, named her Indiana’s High School Intern of the Year.

The internship: “It was great teaching students what I had learned. I really liked giving back to the company that gave me
so much.”

What she learned: “Computer science is so creative, and it’s also a way to help society. We took a trip to the Google headquarters in Chicago and there was a student intern there working to fight terrorism, which was so cool. I’ve learned a lot about how many different kinds of jobs are out there in computer science.”

What’s next: “I’m going to Indiana University in Bloomington to study computer science with a minor in sports media and a minor in graphic design. I’m a huge sports fan and I can combine my love for sports with coding. The demand for jobs in computer science is only going to increase, so why not go after a job that is in high demand? Plus, I really enjoy it.”

Advice: “You don’t realize how strong senioritis can be until you are in your last semester of high school. My goal was to maintain great presence in the classroom, to show up everyday, ready to go. It’s all about pushing through to the end. Also, I’m a 21st Century Scholar, so I have to make sure I meet all the requirements to receive
that grant.”

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