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Happy to help: Volunteering Can Teach You a Lot Career 

Happy to help: Volunteering Can Teach You a Lot

Volunteering is a perfect opportunity to help others and learn more about what kind of work you like.

As a volunteer, you not only get an experience that looks great to employers—you also get personal satisfaction from helping a good cause or an organization.

Your school probably offers opportunities through clubs and organizations, but check out some of the places in the community that have helped you or a family member, or places that you like to go, such as parks or community centers. Your school counselor, teacher, parents or friends might have ideas, too.

Not sure what kind of volunteer opportunity is right for you? Think about looking for a volunteer position related to your future career goals. Volunteering in an animal shelter might be perfect for a future veterinarian, or a daycare for a future teacher. If you see yourself planning events or managing people, think about volunteering for a special event, like a run/walk or pledge drive.

Good Advice

“From a career standpoint, be open to exploring or at least listening to anything that comes your way, and remember that the decision you make today isn’t one you have to stay with. We all learn and grow and will have new opportunities. Give something of yourself of value wherever you live, and whatever you do. Every job and every community offers opportunity.”

— Lavon Johnson, president, Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce, Elkhart, Indiana

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