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Every kid gets asked the question: What do you want to be when you grow up?
This is your chance to answer the question for real, because you are making decisions now that will impact your future for four, five, even ten years or more down the road.

So what did you want to be then? What do you want to be now?
Maybe you are sticking with the career you wanted when you were younger. Or, maybe your dreams have changed, fueled by a recently discovered new talent, class, or someone inspiring. Even if your dream seems unrealistic, or is not what anyone else in your family or friend group is doing or has done, your ambitions and aspirations are important.

Plan it.
You don’t need to know exactly what your career will look like, because, let’s face it: no one knows what opportunities are coming your way, or even what kinds of jobs will be needed 20 years from now.

Instead, focus on career planning that will help you make decisions about getting the education and training you need to find meaningful work, so that you can earn money to support the lifestyle you choose.

Take action.
Talk to people—teachers, your school counselor, employers, parents, friends, and people in your community or place of worship—about what you’d like to do. Sketch out a plan, such as a list or timeline, and check out some of the planning resources on the following pages. Begin researching what it will take to make your dreams or goals a reality. And, remember, it’s often the little things you can do everyday—every class, grade, or dollar you can save—that will get you closer to the career and life you are reaching for.

What’s your next step toward a career?

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