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Ready for an Adventure? Blog 

Ready for an Adventure?

It’s that time of year – FALL! What does that mean besides back-to-school, beautiful fall colors, apple cider and Halloween? It means great corn mazes! And according to USA TODAY, Indiana’s own Conner Prairie has one of the top 10 corn mazes in the country! The maze covers 12.2 acres and has three different paths covering 13,251 feet. Can you and your friends master the maze?

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Don’t Sabotage Your Interview Blog 

Don’t Sabotage Your Interview

Did you know that your personality can play a bigger role than you think during an interview? According to a recent study conducted by TopInterview and Resume-Library, 70% of employers consider a candidate’s personality to be among the top three factors in deciding whether to extend a job offer. It’s substantially more important than education (18%) or appearance (7%). Employers reported that “overconfidence” was the most offensive trait. Here are five ways to help you project confidence and avoid coming across as “overconfident?” The Right Tone What does it mean “to have the right tone?”…

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Goal Setting Blog 

Goal Setting

Do you have vague or specific goals? Are you actually setting goals? Do you really need to set goals or do you somehow know that you will be doing what you want to be doing in 5 years, 10 years, with the rest of your life? How are you going to “just be doing” what you want? Elaine Houston says you are going to get there by setting goals. If you are not setting goals or do not believe in setting goals, maybe it’s because you don’t know how to…

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College Application Week Blog 

College Application Week

For the first time, 15 Indiana colleges and universities will waive their application fees during the week of September 23rd–27th. Take advantage of this awesome opportunity and apply today! Goshen CollegeHuntington UniversityIndiana State UniversityIndiana University EastIndiana University Fort WayneIndiana University KokomoIndiana University NorthwestIndiana University South BendIndiana University SoutheastIndiana University-Purdue University Columbus (IUPUC)Purdue University Fort WaynePurdue University NorthwestUniversity of Southern IndianaVincennes UniversityWabash College So you’re going to apply. Now what? Your College Application Essay made easy Unlike a school assignment that might have a specific subject and must include specific writing…

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Cover Letters—Pros and Cons Blog 

Cover Letters—Pros and Cons

You are sending out your first round of resumes. Do you need a cover letter? The very short answer is yes—you do. I know—a cover letter is the hardest part of the resume process—at least it was for me. You have to sell yourself but remain professional; you have to show a bit of your personality, but not be too casual. What’s a cover letter writer to do? As uncomfortable as it is, here are 3 great tips from Fast Company to get you started on the right path, as…

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Not Your Everyday Scholarship Blog 

Not Your Everyday Scholarship

You are looking for a scholarship to go to school and you have already entered to win the Next Indiana scholarship. (Psst! If you haven’t registered yet, click the link below.) You aren’t a jock or a member of Mensa. You are that in-between student who needs financial support to pursue your college degree. Have you ever thought of applying for the Stuck at Prom scholarship sponsored by Duck Brand Duck Tape? Top prize is $10,000! If prom is not your thing, how about the Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship? Prize of…

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A Time to Remember Blog 

A Time to Remember

I know most of you were newborns or maybe not born yet on September 11, 2001. On that beautiful, cool Tuesday morning, our world changed forever. Even though it was a horrible event, what happened on 9/12 showed the best of America. We came together with no animosity towards each other, we all purchased and proudly displayed our country’s flag, we hugged and cared for one another completely disregarding race, religion, political, gender, Nike or Chick-Fil-A preferences. We were our best selves – we were simply Americans. Never forget 9/11,…

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Your Ideal Career Path Blog 

Your Ideal Career Path

Many of you probably already have your ideal career path in mind. You know exactly what you want to do and where you are going. But, is the ideal career path you have pictured in your mind actually the right path for you? Click here for a fun personality assessment that might guide you in a different direction or, for those of you still wondering about what to do, help get you on track. Once you get your results, check it against The Muse’s infographic of possible career paths. You…

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Earn-to-Learn Apprenticeship Program Blog 

Earn-to-Learn Apprenticeship Program

Looking for a career in aviation? LIFT Academy, owned by Republic Airways in Indianapolis, is expanding its flight training academy by offering an aviation maintenance technician apprenticeship program. The three-year program offers licensed apprentices a guaranteed job at Republic Airways as an aviation maintenance technician. Starting pay will be approximately $45,000 a year. The first classes will begin September 30, 2019. The LIFT Academy also offers an accelerated airline pilot program. LIFT will be the only training academy in the country to offer both airline transport pilot and aviation maintenance technician apprenticeships…

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Stress and how to deal Blog 

Stress and how to deal

All of us experience stress, in school, in our jobs and in life. Sometimes stress can be good for us. What is stress and how do we deal with it? Melissa Cohen’s article, Student Guide to Surviving Stress and Anxiety in College and Beyond, defines stress and explains the symptoms we should be aware of, the common causes of stress and how to cope with or relieve what ails us. Remain calm and read on. Test Anxiety It’s test day and you are a nervous wreck. In his book Anxiety…

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Garrett High School earns a SEAL certification Blog 

Garrett High School earns a SEAL certification

Congratulations to Garrett High School on earning a State Earn and Learn (SEAL) certification from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. SEAL programs, according to the DWD, are “structured, scalable programs…designed to meet the skills that employers demand, are geared toward both adult and youth populations, and satisfy Indiana’s new graduation pathway requirements.” Garrett High School joins Hamilton Heights High School in Arcadia, which in June became the first Hoosier school to earn the SEAL certification for its construction trades program. DWD projects Indiana employers will need to fill 1 million additional…

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Jump Starting Your Career Blog 

Jump Starting Your Career

So, you have just graduated from college and have or will be entering the workforce and you are already looking for ways you can advance. Vicki Brackett, author of The Leadership Toolbox: 14 Strategies that Build a Chain Reaction of Success, says, “Become a pseudo-leader without the title.” Fast Company shares 6 Easy Ways to Fast-track Your Career. The climb may not be as quick as you would like, but these 6 steps are a great place to start. Need more career advice? Check out this article!

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Want to Get Better Grades? Blog 

Want to Get Better Grades?

Silly question. Who doesn’t want to get better grades? Better grades are a sense of accomplishment. The feeling you get if you are a C student and all of a sudden you start making Bs—maybe even As—it is a hurdle you’ve crossed, a goal you have achieved and believe me, you will feel great. You will stand a bit taller and your smile will be brighter. I guarantee it. Even if you aren’t obsessed with getting the highest grades possible, doing well in high school can have a positive effect…

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Are you ready to vote? Blog 

Are you ready to vote?

Will you be 18 years old by November 5, 2019? If so, you can register to vote in the state of Indiana. You may register online, by mail or in-person. If you are a college student, you may register either with your school address or your home address—but not both. Also, remember Indiana has a strict photo ID requirement in order to vote, so make sure you have your ID with you when you head to the polls.

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It’s not Hogwarts, but it’s close Blog 

It’s not Hogwarts, but it’s close

A new festival is happening in Indianapolis and all our wizarding dreams are coming true. Niantic, in partnership with WB Games, will be hosting the first Harry Potter: Wizards United Fan Festival in Indianapolis. The festival will take place at White River State Park this Labor Day weekend (August 31 – September 1). The game, which comes from the creators of Pokémon GO, is a real-world augmented reality experience centered around the Harry Potter Wizarding World. Grab your wands and robes and head to White River State Park for some wizarding fun!

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