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Be Flexible. Follow Your Dream. Career 

Be Flexible. Follow Your Dream.

Who you are plays a big part in what you’ll do—and how you get there.   Discovery: What do I like? What am I good at?   Education: Need more, lots of options   Experience: Intern, volunteer, shadow, work   Whoa: I changed my mind, now what?   Plan B: This is better;   Finding success!

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Stack ‘em Up College 

Stack ‘em Up

College means more than you might think. It’s any educational experience after high school that offers a quality credential or degree. That includes technical, one-year, two-year, four-year opportunities and military educational experiences. And a four-year degree brings the opportunity to move ahead to a master’s or professional degree and doctorate. Which will enable you to reach your career goal? Learn more about pursuing financial aid for college study on page 36-41. Stackable degrees are a cost-effective way to pursue higher education. Some colleges offer this option, which enables you to…

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Students Speak: Michael Wilson Cost 

Students Speak: Michael Wilson

Ivy Tech and IUPUI grad/system designer, Johnson Controls Hometown and high school: Indianapolis, Indianapolis Christian High School   College choice: Michael was a top student in high school. He wanted to study engineering and was interested in aeronautics. “I didn’t want to go off to a big school or out of state.” He chose Ivy Tech because it offered a two-year associate degree program in mechanical engineering technology with the opportunity to transfer to IUPUI and earn a bachelor’s degree. What it was like: A lot of people don’t know…

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Career Confusion? Career 

Career Confusion?

5 Ways to Find Direction Not everyone knows what they want to do after high school. Continuing your education is the perfect way to find a career you’ll love. Erin Mahoney, interim executive director of Career Services at DePauw University, offers these tips: When visiting colleges, look beyond the Admissions Office. Speak to someone at the career-counseling center and meet and talk with faculty members in your areas of interest about learning opportunities outside the classroom. Be sure you’ll have the opportunity to apply what you’re learning in the classroom in…

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Career Toolbox Career 

Career Toolbox

There are loads of online tools to help you learn more about potential careers that match your personal style and preferences. Here are just a few: for advice, links and a personality quiz. to explore your interests and skills and find a career to match. The Bureau of Labor Statistics website,, for easy-to-read data about careers. from O*Net Online and the U.S. Department of Labor offers lists of careers, along with their average salaries, to match your interests and education level. Explore potential careers that…

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