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10 Tips To Improve Your Employability Skills Career 

10 Tips To Improve Your Employability Skills

  1. Practice active listening. Good listeners show they want to understand what the person is saying and that they care about the relationship. Ask clarifying questions and paraphrase what the speaker has conveyed; take notes when appropriate; don’t interrupt. Maintain eye contact.
  2. Practice speaking in front of a mirror. Feels weird at first, but you’ll sound more polished and feel more confident.
  3. Practice your writing skills. Writing isn’t just for English class. Practice writing—and re-writing—in every class and before any social media post.
  4. Be genuine and respectful with others. A friendly greeting, an invitation to join a group and avoiding cliques will help earn respect at school and life.
  5. Manage conflict in a healthy way. Address concerns directly with the person involved in a nonjudgmental, assertive and genuine manner. Work together to find a solution.
  6. Practice displaying a positive attitude in difficult situations and staying calm in moments of crisis.
  7. Finish tasks in a timely manner. This might include working with others to coordinate a group project.
  8. Approach each task with a realistic sense of what it will take to accomplish, divide it into steps, then address each step with confidence.
  9. Show responsibility and enthusiasm for your assignment by striving to do your best and going the extra mile.
  10. Share your enthusiasm with others—it’s contagious.

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