Kate O’Rourke

Junior, Lebanon Senior High School

What’s a little credit card debt?

"Credit cards allow you to make purchases today and pay for them later. For example, when you make a purchase, you are essentially getting a loan from the credit card company.

Tips to Keep Your College Budget in Balance

College is the first taste of financial responsibility — and freedom — for most students.

Megan McNulty

Junior, Beech Grove High School

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Buckets of Money

To-Do List File the FAFSA by March 10                         Write on the buckets various ways you’ll pay for...


With assistance from the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, apprenticeship programs and the armed forces, Next Indiana has compiled this directory of opportunities for your future. You’ll want to refer to this college directory often as you make decisions about your future over the next year or so. In addition to finding out fast facts like enrollment and tuition numbers, you can refer to websites for more information.

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